2-1 is the most dangerous scoreline


Perth Glory travelled to Adelaide to defend themselves in the relegation battle, on a lovely 33 degree Summers evening. I call it the relegation battle as both teams sit on the bottom of the ladder, without a win this season. This was the must of all must-wins.

The game started as slow as you would imagine. It’s damn hot. Perth Glory with more possession and control in the first half yet the Reds were the ones banging them in. Although Glory’s Thomas and Jukic are already fighting an uphill battle trying to beat Sarah Willacy.

Chelsea Dawber opened the scoring for Adelaide in the 38th by beating two defenders and Eliza Campbell with an easy (looked easy) shot straight into the back of the net. Beautiful control by Chelsea and such a clean finish.

Just as I was thinking to myself that Mallory Weber may be more important to this Adelaide United outfit than Mary Fowler, Fowler goes and scores. Now that I think about it, should’ve continued this thought throughout the game. Fowler in a very similar position as Dawber was upon scoring the first goal, except slightly closer to her natural position centrally in the box rather than wide, finishes in very similar fashion. Straight past Campbell and into the bottom left. I guess if it aint broken, don’t fix it. The Reds head into half time 2-0 up and feeling very good about themselves.

Adelaide with a concerning amount of possession in the second half – worrying signs for a potential counter capitalising on an exhausted United. Mallory Weber still in my eyes as one of the most important on the pitch. She can score however I find she’s hesitant in front of goal. I would love to see her take some one touch shots rather than crossing it to a teammate. But that’s where Fowler slots in. With Mary Fowler back in action after sitting out last weekends game against Sydney, it was business as usual.

Before you can say purple monkey dishwasher, Perth Glory find themselves a goal through who else but Crystal Thomas. This season both Jukic and Thomas are handling the grunt of Glory’s attack. A sensational ball over the top from Morgan Andrews finds Thomas who makes a sensational run, gets goal side of her woman, beats two defenders, Willacy and the top left of the net cops a hiding.

Substitute Lais Araujo who is no stranger to this weather, went for the spectacle of a bicycle kick in the 74th. Which at this point, was exactly what this game needed. Unfortunately for all involved (except Glory) Lais’ spectacle was easily saved.

In the 80th minute we saw Mallory Weber go down with what looked to be a shoulder injury. Absolutely the last thing the Reds need while trying to hold on to a 2-1 lead and in general with Weber playing such a pivotal role within this team. Mallory was subbed off immediately for Isabel Hodgson as she made her way off in excruciating pain.

Mary Fowler teased the home fans in the 84th with a shot on goal which ended up hitting the side netting. Nearing closer to full time and Adelaide fans (present company writing included) were nervous af. 

If you thought Ivan Karlović getting a yellow in the 90th for arguing with the Forthy was as aggressive as the conclusion of this relegation battle was going to get, you were about to get a rude shock.

Perth’s goalscorer, Crystal Thomas, draws a foul from Dylan Holmes in the area and a penalty is awarded. Honestly I still can’t believe it. I’ve watched the replay over and over again and it was the lightest fall. Yes she fell over the box but it did not look as though an Adelaide player fouled in a way that stopped Thomas from a goalscoring opportunity, they merely defended. Apparently defending causes a penalty, who knew. And this isn’t just a salty Adelaide fans’ opinion – as much as it sucked being in the lead for nearly an hour just to lose it all in the final two minutes.

So very clearly from the tone in the above paragraph, Morgan Andrews stepped up and converted the penalty in the 93rd minute. 

Adelaide lose their lead and get their first point of the season in a consecutive shitty loss. Broken record I am but such great performances every week and it’s thrown away. Although this week I am more so salty at the ref. Perth Glory too would’ve thought they can win this one but would be happy with the point after trailing for 93 minutes.

I hate this game.

By Rose Valente

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