A-League Fans Boycott Westfield Shopping Centres

FIFA have recently announced they will temporarily allow FFA to continue f***ing Australian football until a committee to review the current committee is formed.. We think? In other words, FIFA just wanted a FFA funded holiday to loosen their ties and catch a wave at Bondi.

It is understood after numerous 5-course fine dined meetings, all laced with Australia’s greatest harvested wine, absolutely nothing has happened. We believe the Jews adjusted their paperwork as finely as the Greeks do at tax time.

Australian football is absolutely shitted off with the current state of the game. Claiming FFA don’t care about youth development, cutting the funding and putting it into their own pockets. “This is an insane claim” David Gallop comments regarding the situation “There is no way my new Armani suit could hold the amount of money needed to fund grassroots football, I can barely fit the money I pocket from the 3 Marketing professionals’ salaries I cut!”.

Many passionate fans have committed to a ‘Westfield Boycott’ making Christmas shopping that much more stressful. Opting to the local markets and hazardous CBD stores to find the Mrs the perfect gift. We spoke to a local Wanderers fan shopping at QVB today “Yeah, you know, I had to catch a bus and two trains, lunch cost me $18.90, a beggar stole my shoe and I nearly got run over from jay walking but it’s all worth it to minimise how much of my hard earned money those Lowy bastards get.”

This seems to be less of a concern West to South of the border as Perth and Adelaide have reservations with this protest. Unfortunately boycotting Westfield shopping centres vastly limits the amount of shops patrons of these big small-town city’s can buy presents for their loved ones from. A local Perth man gave us his opinion “What the f*** am I gonna buy the Mrs? Oh yeah I’ll get her a case of Heineys, bitches love Heineys.”

We now head into the festive season with no resolution, a continuation of horrible referring and very poor Christmas presents.

A-League Fans Boycott Westfield Shopping Centres
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