A-League Invests In Recycling Rebate Scheme

As transfer season makes its way into the last week and Manchester United clogs up our news feeds, the A-League is currently working on finalising the recycling rebate scheme with the Australian Government.

FFA have been looking for new ways to make money to put towards the Socceroos and World Cup bids as the crowds for the A-League have become smaller than Gallops interest in fan involvement.

They have recently been liaising with the Government in order to redeem a recycling rebate. For every A-League player recycled to another A-League club – or former club – FFA receive a negotiated sum and the A-League team receives a Westfield voucher. The idea is that the league maintains it’s easy to follow structure and slow flow.

Sources believe this scheme is being carried out in order to ensure Football in Australia (soccer) does not overtake AFL. Limiting players coming into the league will lower excitement and maintain the poor crowds. Keeping current players on a rotating system, not learning new skills and new experiences elsewhere has a higher likelihood of players not excelling in their field.

While AFL players don’t have this option, the only possible way they can get overseas is by Kochie selling games to China. However Football has the Asian Champions League. And Asian Champions League can win you actual prize money. But unfortunately A-League teams aren’t jumping on the idea of Asian players. Apparently fake injuries and stretcher appearances aren’t appealing to our current coaches.

We spoke with a representative from AFL who confirmed the AFL have nothing to do with the sabotage of Australian Football and it’s their own fault if their scouts don’t want to get on a plane to Europe or South America.

While every league in the world is known for transferring players around the league, A-League fans believe we are blatantly taking the piss. While Melbourne Victory are notorious for luring players back with what we believe is the sweet taste of George Calombaris’ food, this time Perth Glory have done a beauty. Dino Djulbic has returned to the club after being released and signed again for the remainder of the season. Proving that Kenny Lowe has right lost his mind, but he is definitely a decent bloke.

As we head into the last week of transfer season let’s pray for more NPL promotions and less senior citizens.

A-League Invests In Recycling Rebate Scheme
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