A-League Season Preview


Round 1 is upon us, ladies and gents, so how will the teams fair against each other in Round 1?

FIRST UP, It’s the Reds taking on the Sky-blue lot from East Sydney and my oh my, this may just be a cracker of a match, considering they’re meeting again in the next week, for the FFA Cup finals.

Looking at the squad selection, pretty damn fine and ready to take on Sydney FC (No Blackwood in the line up…..shhh, do you hear that? I hear cheering). Adelaide have a few injuries that have set a bit of worry but honestly not enough to effect the team as much.

This game is an opportunity to get the ball rolling and hyped up to show the reigning FFA Champions that there is no mercy this time. Adelaide want the title they missed out on last season, they will be playing to show that they intend to get it back.

As for Sydney FC, still a strong side, a force to recon with, even with key players like young De Silva, Warland, Zuvela and Buhagiar missing from the team sheet, due to short or long term injury. The sky blues may have had it easy thought the FFA Cup rounds but proved that they’re not stopping any time soon and will be ready for Round 1 and the Cup Finals.

Make sure to keep an eye out for The Ladies League as we will be there tonight to see it all unfold, keep ya socials handy, our instagram page will be bringing you all the thrills and spills.


I’m just gonna say it now, Victory are winning, sorry ya’ll.

BUT… not without a fight.

Each Melbourne Derby that has been played over the last 7 rounds have always ended with a win, so no boring draws, people!

Now we’ve all seen how bloody intense the Melbourne Derbies get, how unpredictable they are and how both sides have players that are just so beautiful to watch for 90 minutes.

Of course, looking at the line up for Victory, we’re missing beloved fan favourite, Berisha for the first time and it’s going to be a bittersweet game for the fans but a wave of bloody relief for City. This game makes room for new signings like Swedish International, Ola Toivonen, and Keisuke Honda. Time to see the Japanese man OUT IN FORCE!

As for City, can we just for a second talk about the MINT midfield. Players like Riley ‘Oh my goodness’ McGree, Dario Vidosic, Anthony Cáceres, Luke Brattan, and so on, it’s a pretty midfield and I’m excited to see it. Along with new captain, Scotty Jamo, it’s gonna be interesting to see how he leads the boys in his first Derby as the Capitano.

THIRD UP, The Mighty Jets and … *takes a deep breath* Wellington.

Nah, I’m being too harsh. Let’s take a moment to register that Wellington may be going up against a fairly good looking Newcastle side and runners up of the A-league, but Mark Rudan has something up his sleeve, I can feel it.

Looking at the line up, pretty ‘same same’ as we’re hoping to see Krishna continue his good form from last season, with the hopes of new signings to the squad, Former Newcastle United player, Steven Taylor, young former Sydney Olympic, Max Burgess and Spaniard, Mandi also moulding with the squad to play against The Jets.

As for The Jets, ready as they’ll ever be, the squad is looking very very niiiicccceeee…apart from a few bumps in the road. Starting with Roy  O’donavan being suspended for 8 rounds….damn, son. Champness is out with a foot injury, Thurgate is on international duty and Johnny Koutroumbis will be taking some much needed time off after being diagnosed with illness and we can only wish him the very best in his recovery.

You’re a fighter, mate. You’re gonna get through this and come back stronger. We wish you a speedy recovery.

Other than that, Jet’s are set for this game with a predicted win.

FOURTH UP, ….ya’ll getting sick of me counting? Don’t worry, it’s all most over.

BRISSY AND CENTRAL COAST! NOW…. They’re both teams that have struggled over the last season. Quite a bit… So let’s go to the line ups for this season and see how they fair.

With 12 of the last rounds going in favour of the Roar, Central Coast aren’t looking too good.

For Roar, we have only 2 injuries. Dane Ingham who will be out for 3 weeks and Brett Holman who we are still waiting on a verdict on injury time for his knee. As for the squad, keep and eye out for Adam Taggart, I’m telling ya now, he’s gonna be good for Brissy. Also joining the squad for the first round of the A-league are new signings, Tobias Mikkelsen and Spaniard Alex Lopez. Quit unsure if Lopez will be put onto the starting 11 but we’re gonna gave to wait and see what happens for their new midfielder.

For Central Coast,

Out of the squad is promising young defender, Jonathan Aspo, with his ACL injury, which is very much on the mend and with the promising work he has put in, in the past for his former club at the Wanderers, when he’s back on his feet, this guy will be such an asset to the Mariners. Also on injury is Andrew Hoole and Lucy Zelic’s other half, (ah, they’re so cute!) CJ Gameiro. (CJ, mate, get better soon, we can’t wait to see you playing again!)

For the squad, as much as we haven’t had much confidence in the Mariners in the past, this side if looking to have a whole new revamp and rise from the ashes this season, and I am personally hoping that is a factor…I’m listening to my heart, not my head. We’ll be watching out for players like Tommy Oar, Ross McCormack, former APIA player Jordan Murray and appointed Captain, Matt Simon! THE WIZARD FROM WOY WOY IS LEADING THE MARINERS, PEOPLE!

I’m excited to see how this one turns out. Before writing this article, I have the pleasure to speak a little (a lot) about the A-league in a lovely podcast with ‘In The Mixer’ from Melbourne, and I had my doubts about both teams and their performances for this season. I need to shut up and just see how this season goes because honestly, now I’m torn and think CCM are gonna go well. (I’m just a whole wave of different emotions today, no sleep will do that to you)

Also, we’ll have a TLL drinking game going on during this game. Have a shot every time you hear ‘Bolt’.


Western Sydney Wanderers are leaving the west to head further out west to take on ‘the real west’ of Western Australia to take on former Western Sydney Wanderers managers, Tony ‘West’ Popovic and other former Western Sydney players….that enough WEST for ya?

The red and black are flying to Perth, after a tough semi finals defeat to big bothers, Sydney FC, and a season friendly defeat against Melbourne City. It’s pretty safe to say…I think we’re deflated. Marcus Babbel said himself, we’re not executing the way we should, nor are the players motivated to fight back when things are looking all doom and gloom. To that, I can agree with and to that, I hope he is able to mend that problem soon.

Looking at the squad, the boys are looking promising on the team sheet but performance is what will matter. Missing from the squad will be fan favourite Mark Bridge and new German signing, Patrick Ziegler, who are on injury…and that was a bit of a blow, as many were excited to see Ziegler play. Vedran Janjetovic is back on the squad but not to far away is young, Daniel Nizic, ready to step up if selected for this game.

As for the other West, the ones in royal purple, no release on the squad at this time (listen, I’ve been writing this article since early this morning, THEY’RE LATE, IT’S NOT ME!) ….anyway.

We can only predict a class and threatening side for Glory. Popa has put together a nice team, with ex wanderers like Ikonomidis, Spiranovic, Liam Reddy, and Brendon Santalab (…I’ll get over it, give me time, it still hurts), we can expect a forward pressing and attacking side with little mercy for the opposition. We’ve seen what these players have done at the red and black, can they do it with Glory? I think yes, it’s probably gonna come back to bite us on the ass…We’ve also gotta worry about class players like Castro and Keogh. But I’m praying that Popa’s rigorous training has burnt the team out and they’ll struggle in round one, HA! (Wow, that’s desperate Christina…)

So here’s to the first round of the damn A-league! We’ve been deprived for too long!

Grab you scarf, throw on your kit, get some lemon and honey tea to help with your throat after screaming at the TV again, at a referee that isn’t gonna hear you.

Welcome back.

By Christina Trajceska

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