Adelaide United Cure Their Hangover By Scoring With A Fit Aussie Lad

United travelled to Gosford to play their third game in ten days against Central Coast Mariners, with the stats in Adelaide’s favour having won seven of the last 10 meetings, and only one scoreless draw in the last 41, so history would suggest defences would be tested tonight.

A home game should have seen CCM bolt out and dominate against a potentially lethargic Adelaide, however the CCM were flatter than Sydney supporters on Tuesday night. Adelaide had Lia and Boland ruled out likely due to hangovers meanwhile Kitto and the Young Socceroo AP were back in the squad. United looked energetic from the start and AP worked hard to place a fine cross on to the head of the most talked about footballer in Australia, Craig Goodwin, who opened the scoring for the visitors in the 9th minute.

United kept pressing and dominating taking only seven more minutes to score their second, Galloway sending a lovely ball to Goodwin, who passed it to AP who shoots and scores! Every time Adelaide go forward they look confident, it’s been awhile since we have seen that from United. Lack of a striker up front has been the talk the last few seasons, the team seems keen to silence those critics.

CCM become increasingly frustrated and find it hard to get into their attacking forward lines, Clisby tries to make a set piece count but Izzo has it covered. Clisby keen to make his 100th A-League match appearance memorable, but right now the only members of CCM standing tall are the sauce bottles.

Going into half time United have dominated play, CCM have had a few chances but have not been able to penetrate through the defensive wall of Adelaide. United up 2-0 at the break.

The 56th minute marks sees Goodwin take a free kick from 25 yards out, struck over the wall, into the waiting arms of Kennedy who fumbles the ball before it slips through his hands for a goal, dropping it quicker than CCM dropped Bolt after his request for $3million dollars to sign. Kennedy is going to hate seeing that on constant replay the rest of the week! Three minutes later CCM finally have a chance to score, and calls go up for a handball against Elsey, though the tears of Simon are not enough to convince the referee or the VAR to award a penalty.

Kitto comes on for Ilso, making my daughter a very happy person, she has missed her Kitto! Moments later Kitto is given a lovely through ball, but he kicks the ball straight to Kennedy. My daughter gives him words of encouragement from the couch, I’m sure he would have felt the vibes.

Not sure if United then lay off the accelerator or if CCM actually manage to find theirs, Izzo is woken up with a strong attempt from Oar. Pain then has a chance to head in a goal, but Izzo has it covered again. CCM sub on debutante Millar for his first A-League appearance. ONeill also has a crack but Izzo says nope.

Goodwin is subbed off for Strain, hopefully someone has got him a beer, four goals in a week surely the man deserves one! Adelaide United have their first win of the season, on the road, only five days after winning the FFA Cup Final, there’s no hangover here.

Featured Image from the Daily Football Show’s Twitter page.

By Michelle Reid.

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