Chris Beath VARked us all

What the fuck did I just watch? I had an opening paragraph written at the 80th, I really did. It was informative, punny, sassy. But now, 106 minutes of play, what the fuck did I just watch.

I mean, where do I start? Do I start at Georgievski walking off the pitch and Babbel forcing him back on? Or maybe Blackwood’s 2x penalty’s. How about Mo Adam’s brilliance? I don’t even want to go near VAR. But even, what about Toure and only his THIRD goal in the A-League (can you believe it?!) I don’t know. Let’s start with the weather, I guess.

By kick off it was 37 degrees in dry-olde Adelaide. According to my Baba, it’s been 48 degrees all week in Adelaide. So here we all are expecting a torturous, slow 2-1 type of game. Kudos to Adelaide as every hot game they have played this season, they haven’t allowed it to affect them (too much). And Western Sydney? Well it’s always fucking hot over there, they’ll be fine.

The game was all Adelaide’s. Until that meddling Chris Beath came along. The game got messy real fast but prior to said mess, the Wanderers were first on the scoresheet. Duke finds Mo Adam pacing down the right, Adam passes to an approaching Muller and much to Jakobsen’s disgust, the ball bounces off Jakobsen to Muller. Muller’s able to direct the ball into the back of the net with his head and the Wanderers are 1-0 up in the 11th minute.

Mo Adam was the first to receive a yellow in this game as he brings down Maria in the 18th. Little did we know the cards and fouls were about to be given away like it’s an Oprah live show. 

Only a minute later Adelaide equalised with play #8 out of the Adelaide United Play Book. Al Hassan Toure approaching goal centrally is passed the ball by a speedy Mileusnic and Toure has it in the back of the net before you can say 1-1 to the Reds. Also, honourable mention to Dani Lopar who by this point had well kept the Wanderers in the game.

In the 26th minute, Mitch Duke gave us an insight into what’s to come this evening. Things got heated after Duke left a nasty surprise of a follow up from Halloran’s foul and it all kicked off. The VAR is consulted but after a lengthy chat between Chris and Kurt, a free kick was awarded. I understand that VAR can’t give yellow’s but really Beathy, that wasn’t worth a yellow?

After a solid 34 minutes of Georgievski and Duke pissing off Halloran, Benny is finally given a yellow. To me, I saw this as Georgievski’s going to go to town for the remainder of the match and draw out a second yellow as he looked to be in one of those moods. You know those moods that your brother gets in when he feels like bugging the living shit out of you, yeah one of those. 

Towards the end of the first half, things got weird. And I don’t mean drinking with strangers weird, I mean got on the wrong train and ended up in Bankstown weird. Chris Beath. If you have seen the game, do I even need to say more? If you haven’t, Chris Beath did a few stupid things. Beath allowed the game to get away from him, it wasn’t flowing and players were losing their absolute shit at him.

Let’s fast forward to the second half shall we? Cos like my outfit on Christmas Day, we have a lot to cover. 

The second half starts pretty slow, it’s still 35 degrees out and the game is becoming increasingly frustrating. Tarek Elrich is subbed on and weirdly I still find myself excited seeing Elrich on the pitch, even though he is on the opposing team. Little did I know that I would rue this thought in about 5 minutes. Tarek gets a hell of an assist with a ball over Adelaide United’s entire defence which finds Nicolai Muller completely unmarked on the opposite side of the pitch. Again, Muller uses his head – from a fair distance might I add – and beats Izzo to make it 1-2.

In the 77th minute Adelaide find themselves with Mo Adam mo’ problems. Schwegler with a peach of a through ball to Mohamed Adam, kicks it straight to the keeper but luckily for Mo, the ball is saved and ricocheted off Izzo’s chest. The ball bounces back down to Adam who has an open goal and makes it 1-3.

It’s the 77th minute, we’re 2 goals down, my internet keeps buffering, I start writing this article. It’s one of those games you know? It’s done, Wanderers are gonna either annihilate us or park the bus.

Mind you I deleted everything I had written because ABSOLUTE INSANITY took over Coopers Stadium in the final 10 minutes.

90 Minutes. 90 Minutes is how long is took for Daniel Georgievski to get involved in a fight. This has to be a new personal record and I would say I’m proud of him but the upcoming events may make me take that back. What actually angered Ziegler and co to cause this physical tension was a ‘diving’ Toure (now you can make up your own mind on whether it was a dive or not). I think it was a penalty, the contact looked to be all player and Toure fell to ground.

3 Minutes later (due to fighting and VAR, probably more VAR let’s be honest) Adelaide United is awarded a penalty and George Blackwood steps up. Now, I have been team George Blackwood lately. I feel towards the end of last season, over the latest FFA Cup campaign and now the start of this season, Blackwood has really been finding his feet at the Reds and starting to look more natural in his position. Blackwood steps up for the penalty and yes I’m still nervous. BLACKWOOD SCORES ALERT THE ELDERS. 2-3. There is a couple minutes and honestly I do not have that much faith in my team. I’m sorry, I love them, I back them far too much but they were fighting an uphill battle and just weren’t in that frame of mind to push within the remaining minutes.

BUT FEAR NO MORE. VAR IS HERE. Daniel Georgievski with both hands against his chest receives the ball into his chest and accidentally into his hands in a very similar position to when I walk past a cockroach. I don’t like to see this awarded, I really don’t however when it happened I thought, inline with other calls that have been given this season, there seems to be zero fucks given whether it was intentional or not and that the arms should have been by his side. VAR have a look and they do in fact say this and give Adelaide another penalty. Is Daniel pissed? Let’s check the footage. Daniel Georgievski throws an absolute 5 year old style tantrum and storms off the field of play in typical wog fashion, swearing and hands flailing. Babbel and teammates force Daniel back on the pitch and George Blackwood steps up for penalty number 2. You can’t make this shit up. 

Blackwood steps up again. Blackwood misses. The scoreline stays 2-3 and the whistle is blown at the 106th minute. Georgievski is uncontrollably pissed. The coaches are visibly confused. Fans are obviously baffled. And I’m.. Well I don’t know how I am. To be completely honest with you, my emotions as a fan, checked out around the 60th minute. Not because my team were losing, I tend to yell at the TV when that happens but tonight, nothing. There was little visible emotion as a passionate Adelaide United fan. The flow of the game was ruined, the decisions for and against my team were so terrible and the length it took to get to a decision just killed it. 

Overall if I’m honest and as I write this immediately as the game’s finished, it was a shit game all round. It left me on a shit note and I can see many fans from both teams feel the same way. Part of me just can’t wait for the pending Bozza rant about this but then, will that even fix anything? Who knows. Anyway, Adelaide’s next game is against Sydney FC next Saturday night and the Wanderers have Brisbane Roar on the good ol’ New Years Day fixture. If you’re at either of those games I will be there so feel free to come have a chat about how angry you are. Ima need a friend.

By Rose Valente

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