Ikonomidis Assists Keogh To A Screamer

Tony Sage’s Perth Glory finally got to give Taggart a return “two finger salute” on the scoreboard as Perth took down a flat Roar 2-1 at NIB stadium last night.

Glory were about as sore at Taggart leaving during the off-season than my face is right now having had all my wisdom teeth removed 24 hours ago (and I’m looking about as good as a kick to the face from an Irish-man in a grand final). Despite Sage letting rip at Taggart like a girl who just found out her boyfriend was sleeping with her best friend, Taggart was coy before the clash stating he was “unsure how fans would react”…well those willing to fork out over $100 more for a GA membership than most clubs or near $1000 for a family membership.

Perth came into the match up with confidence following their last minute win over victory in round 2, whilst Brisbane were merely searching for their first win of the season. Perth posted the same starting 11 as seen in the previous week, with Castro, Santalab, and Italiano still unavailable. Brisbane’s Mauk did not make the trip due to a groin niggle, making way for Henrique to start (can someone please get this guy a kit that fits), as well as Harold returning after overcoming a severe case of the chicken pox.

McKay stepped out for his 250th game with the captain armband and wearing Brisbane’s dirty white away kit that looks like Taggart threw his Glory kit in with the wash by mistake.

Glory immediately came out strong, and quicker than Pogba’s penalty run up came a thrilling double save from Jamie Young to deny Keogh early. Keogh was sure his first header would find the back of the net only for it to be tapped away by Young whilst falling to the ground, with Young then getting off his butt faster than Usain bolted after only being offered 150K to make the second save.

However, despite Young’s heroics it was all one-way traffic in the first half with Brisbane struggling with Perth’s formation more than a 16-year-old pubescent boy struggles with the female anatomy and controlling his body odour. The combination of Keogh, Ikonomidis, Chianese, and Davidson (who had come as his favourite backstreet boy for Halloween with those frosted tips) continued to pepper the goal in the first half with an Ikonomidis assist helping Keogh find the back of the net in the 15th.

After facing 8 shots to 1, Brisbane would have been glad for the halftime whistle. However Perth continued the barrage into the second 45. In the 63rd,Keogh managed to bamboozle Roar’s back line in a defensive effort that would have had Papadopoulos spitting chips as a Keogh strike took a deflection from O’Toole for Brisbane to concede an own goal.

Perth continued to cruise in the second half until Mrcela committed an indecent assault / push in the back of the indecent, lying Taggart to see straight red and a penalty call. Taggart was on target and converted for a consolation goal at his former home.

Perth managed to see out the remaining 10 minutes with ten men to seal their first home win of the season. And in the story of the break up of Perth and Taggart, Glory have moved on quickly, albeit it with multiple men: Ikonomidis, Keogh, Davidson, Chianese…but hey, at least they can score.

Featured Image from Fox Sports Football.

By Hayley Leedham


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