Jamie Young Receives Petratos’s Penetrating Balls

The Newcastle Jets host Brisbane Roar in their second game in 4 days, as Australian commentators like to remind us repeatedly, in a round we didn’t even know existed.

The Roar players still had a point to prove to their interim coach and with a couple youngsters in the starting line up, changes looked exciting. The Jets also with exciting young changes, Johnny Koutroumbis starting for the first time since his health scare.

The first half was reminiscent of watching clouds move. Things were happening, but not too much. I’m not sure if this feeling was due to the fact Nick Meredith’s voice was making my ears bleed. Fox Sports should really start recruiting some ABC Grandstand volunteers in my opinion.

However Dimi Petratos was like an arrow and Jamie Young was the target. 6 minutes into the match, Petratos flew in a trademark banger. The crowd go wild, to be honest it might have just been the Corporate Box full of Petratos’.  At this point, I really did think we were in for an energetic and high scoring match.

Newcastle did maintain the possession with about 87 shots on target (probably exaggerated) and Jamie Young once again, utilising his crazy ninja skills. I’m certain Jamie was a cat in his previous life. Brisbane continued to press like they had a wrinkled shirt before an important meeting but lacked where it really mattered.

By the second half, I contemplated how I should approach this article. I really did consider just a GIF of tumbleweed many times.

However things got just a little bit exciting and no I’m not talking about the ‘Jump for your Jets’ in the 85th minute, as great as it is seeing a family friendly environment forced to embrace their inner ultra.

The Jets continued to attack Jamie Young like he’s just tried to pick up their sister and Matt McKay still had high shorts.

Thanks to the recent teamwork and communication seminars the entire Brisbane Roar company have been forced to attend after numerous Aloisi outbreaks, the boys with a beautiful string of passes made it 1-1. Starting from the left, all the way through to O’Toole with a sexy twirl, passes it to Taggart who uses his strikers instinct to equalise.

But much like the chat sidebar in every single God damn online store you go to these days, Newcastle had a quick response. Roy O’Donovan on the end of a Dimi Petratos free kick, surprisingly didn’t receive a lashing mark from the strength of a Petratos free kick but instead makes it 2-1.

Like the Brisbane Roar of the old days, never leave a Roar game early. In the 87th minute substitue D’Agostino crosses to Bautheac who heads it home. Will this be another home loss for the Newcastle faithful?

No it won’t. But it won’t be a win either.

The game ends as a draw and Newcastle Jets, well they’ll be feeling robbed. Maybe this was Brisbane’s game plan? Maybe the plan was ‘everyone thinks you’re shit so play a little bit better but still shit, then when we push towards the end, the opposition will be exhausted’. Well I’ll be. Way to take a point on the road lads.

By Rose Valente

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