Off-Season Run Out Happening In Melbourne

A marquee for all and not just the Victory!

Keisuke Honda will arrive on Australian soil soon as he has signed the dotted line for the current and 4 times A-League Champions, Melbourne Victory, on a one year deal. A signing that will not only boost coverage towards the Melbourne side but also the rest of the A-league, putting the league in headlines across the world and another step closer to becoming an elite league, such as our European older brothers.

Honda, being the former AFC champion of 2011 and player of the tournament as well as a powerful and precious asset to the Japanese national team in 3 World Cups, will bring nothing but quality to an already quality filled and glorious side.

Good Ol’ Muscat knows what he’s doing, having won a fair amount trophies within Australia, personally, I think the ACL is the number one trophy in his vision as both Newcastle Jets and Victory look forward to the ACL battle that is ahead. A player like Honda, picking the closest colours to replace his national teams samurai blue kits, will likely be on the same page as Kevin Muscat as Trophies and glory is what a player of his prestige would surly chase.

Apart from the trophies and the plan to be top of the table again for the 18/19 A-league season, what does Honda playing in this league mean for Australian football?

Well, if you’ve been living under a rock, let me spell out out for you.


And flare fines and other outrageously stupid things, like the Star Wars round (if that happens again, I’m going to France for the Womens World Cup and I’m not coming back).

But really, a player like Honda who has played for powerhouse clubs, CSKA Moscow and AC Milan being the biggest, coming to leagues like Australia help’s with putting the country on the map and if we play our cards right, give them an atmosphere they deserve and a proper fight on the field that they crave, then they will leave with nothing but good words for others and sooner or later, marquees by the bus load will be wanting to play here like in the MLS. You can bet these players meet and b*tch about different leagues and their experiences over coffee like we do.

So Honda’s duty to the A-league is to score goals (wilds ones that will give the papers something to write about and social media to have a meltdown over), to win games and win trophies. And OUR DUTY, is to give him the biggest damn welcoming a growing football loving nation can give. By that, I mean bring out the banners and the flags again, make the derbies memorable, chant and cheer beyond the 90 minutes, wear your colours with pride, (light a flare, ffs, he played for AC Milan), make sure the entire city knows the football is on.

Players like Honda have seen rowdier crowds, let’s be just as good, if not better. If we do this, our temporary marquees won’t have to be the only ones who leave to spread the word for us. We’ll be all over the world already, if we just learn to be loud enough, they will hear us.

A side like victory, a good fit for the former Japanese international. A league like the A-league, soon to be a good fit for all.

Let the games begin.

By Christina Trajceska 

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