Petratos Rockets The Jets With A Thunderbastard

Frustrating for the current A-league title holders as they get their champion asses royally handed to them by the Newcastle Jets in Geelong.

Now, we all know that this was a game that the boys in Navy Blue NEEDED to win, so they could close in on their cross-state rivals, Sydney FC. The hatred that these two share for each other is like the hatred I have for slow walkers who take up the entire f*cking side walk.

As we’ve seen through out the season, the Jets haven’t really been themselves either, not being able to live up to the same season they had the season prior, sitting around at 7th place. Not the greatest position to be in but I really can’t talk, because my mob are literally beneath them and look to be staying there… goddamn.

To summarise the Victory’s night in Geelong, they were quite relentless in attack, taking shots left right and centre but nothing came of it. With the return of their Japanese legend, Honda, anyone wearing the Victory crest over their chest would have surely been confident that they would pull through this and be right on Sydney’s ass by the end of the night.

Towards the 30 minute mark, we got a return response from Newcastle, as a chance to make it 1 – 0 came from young Koutroumbis, a Jets player we are very happy to see back in action and scoring, no matter how much my brother was shouting and cursing behind me at the time of the goal. ON YA, JOHN!

Second half starts up with a firm amount of confidence for the Victory, still there as they fight for an equaliser. They start off just as strong as they did in the first, leading up to a goal from Athiu! A marvellous build up… or was it… DUN DUN!

Nah, it was ruled offside during the build up. This was the one time you’d want the refs to turn a blind eye.

Game continues to move forward with the Victory trying their goddamn hardest to get an equaliser, maybe even come back from this and give it another shot to make it 2 -1.

Soon after, what everyone in my household thought was a penalty for Kosta, including the relatives who are Sydney FC supporters (see, when that happens, you KNOW it should have been a pen), was denied and upheld by the VAR, we knew, then…this was not going to be their game.

And after a little more intensity from Victory, it started to drop, switch roles and the Jets were coming down the line with force.

After a magnificent performance all game, from Lawrence Thomas once again, things took a turn for the last time to seal the deal for the Newcastle Jets.

What every single Vuck thought was a miracle from God above, to give them another shot at returning the blow to get an equaliser, was actually another swing of bad luck in disguise. The ball hits the post and my heart surely stops. Until the ball was given to Dimi Petratos, my heart stopped again, along with my jaw dropping to the point of coming quite close to hitting the table.

Good lord, you can hear the Petratos family cheering from West Sydney with that cracker of a goal! I had to get up and give the TV screen a round of applause. As much as Thomas is a gun in goals, there was no way in hell, heaven and/or earth, he could have stopped that!

The Jets walk away with 3 points and the Victory walk away with a lot to think about and a bit more work to do with they want to jump their Rivals and have a better crack at the Finals again this season.

But all in all, a good game, and defiantly something for Graham Arnold to take a look at for the future Socceroos squad (give Dimi a shot, ffs).

By Christina Trajceska

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