Popa Unable To Finish On Top Upon Initial Contact

Well… that went surprisingly well.

The Western Sydney Wanderers headed to Western Australia to take on the other West, they were up against former Western Sydney Manager along with other former Western Sydney players who now play for the OTHER West-  OH LOOK, you get the damn picture. They took on Perth Glory and neither West won.

A DRAW, a cracker of a draw to be honest. I quite enjoyed it…even though I was on edge and full of rage for the first 45 minutes of the match….

That’s a lie, I was pissed off for the full 90 minutes + 4 minutes extra.

Started off smoothly for Perth Glory, playing very well both on the field and with my damn emotions. They basically ran circles around us every good few minutes, just when we thought we had something good going, we lost composure. That sent me into a rage like no other, my usually very calm and quiet, grandmother had to tell me to keep it the hell down. BABA, THIS IS AN IMPORTANT GAME! LET ME YELL AT THE DAMN LAPTOP SCREEN! IT’S THERAPY FOR ME!

Anyway, back to the match. We got a foul here, foul there, a foul bloody everywhere. We were struggling to string more than 3 passes to each other, RISKY stuff from Vedran a few times with his passing between the defence. On top of falling over our own feet, we left a HUGE GAPPING HOLE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF OUR DEFENCE, which was giving Perth all the chances in the world to come flying in and take any shot that was humanly possible towards goal, and they did.

After a good 20 minutes or so, we got exactly that. A goal. By Andy Keogh…this is the part where my blood began to boil and my left eye started to twitch.
Why? Because it was a horror pass to the defence, but a nice damn recovery save by Janjetovic, but ALSO not enough to stop it, as it took a rebound and back into the path of Andy Keogh, past Brendon Hamill and into the back of the net. The attempt to save it, 10/10. My blood pressure as Keogh scored a beauty of a follow up, 20/10.

The pressure to counter attack and come back from this 1 – 0 disadvantage was proving to be a little too much for the Red and Black as fan favourite, and my personal favourite, Oriol Riera, SKIED THE DAMN BALL OVER THE NET. Look, we all know he’s got it in him to do amazing things, but today was just not a good day for him and I can give you a very good reason for why…

He was already doing the job of a striker, a midfielder and a damn defender because the rest of the team were taking a bit more time than they should have been, to get their act together and ensure they don’t let in another goal. So if anything, whether he skied the ball or not, a round of applause to Riera for multitasking.

Just before the first half came to a close, we stepped up. Josh Sotirio coming into action, a great chance as he set himself up for a attempt on goal. Promising and if we continue that in the second half, my blood pressure may go down.

Half time comes along and TLL group chat is making sure I’m alive and well as we have our typical half time mothers meeting, crack a few jokes and rant about our teams. I, on the other hand, cannot bring myself to speak and joke like usual, for I am close to hopping on a plane and going to Perth to give the team a piece of my mind

Here’s hoping the second half is better? Well, when the ball rebounded off one of our own and hit the bar, I DIDN’T THINK SO!
But we were looking better, more composed, smoothly playing now. We’re getting there (BREATHE, CHRISTINA!) I was calm for a good 3 seconds, then pissed off about the delay of subbing on Llorente, AND THEN ROLY BONEVACIA SCORES AND MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS UP FOR A GOOD REASON!


NOW, we’re starting to see a side to West Sydney that we have not seen in a long while. Passing has become far more accurate than the first half, the team is working together, substitutes, Kamau and Fitzgerald prove to be promising as ever. I am loving every second of Fitzy on the field over the next 15 minutes, every move made is pure class, he’s got great vision, this guy (no pun intended for the former Melbourne City player).

Towards the dying minutes of this match, we had another handful of chances to turn this damn game around and make it ours, so did Glory, with the result of another Former Wanderer coming onto the pitch, none other than Ikonomidis. For the short time that was playing at the Red and Black, he impressed me and for the short time he was on the pitch with Glory tonight, he did the same thing. Every time the ball was in his possession, I was mentally preparing myself for a Glory comeback, all from him. But it didn’t come. (THANK GOOD GOD)

The intense 94 minutes were up and I was somewhat relieved, somewhat still fuming from the first half we had played. But hey, I can’t be too pissed off and judgemental. I’m not the manager, I’m just a rookie journo sitting in her room at midnight, writing an article before she has to get some rest so she’s ready for her day job the next morning…BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BE DAMN WELL PASSIONATE!

The Wanderers are improving, and like I mentioned to who have asked me, when Marcus Babbel was appointed manager for this team, I was confident it was going to be a good season. The confidence and drive the German manager has is something the Red and Black have been looking for. It’s going to take time, like anything that is good, but it is going to happen. I have faith…well, now I do.

Give it a couple more games, we’ll be ready, and hopefully we will be playing like we did in the second half, constantly.

By Christina Trajceska

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