Possession Based Football Wins At Coopers Stadium

Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year, Suckers! 

It was our annual Boxing Day A-league match, and we were over in the city of Churches this time, in blistering heat with a crowd full of Red, and honestly looking at the kit colours, ya poor bastards must have felt like it had been an extra 5 degrees hotter, under those kits.

May I also add, if anyone is looking more on fire than the weather, it’s Wanderers Managers, Markus Babbel and his choice of clothing. Hot damn, our boss knows how to dress.

We start off like we always do, getting the feelers out there, seeing what we’re up against. (This is a nice way of saying we haven’t f**kin done anything yet).

Zooming in on the Western Sydney side, we have young Nick Suman who has sat on the sidelines a few times throughout the last two season, but tonight, the young gun gets his shot on the starting line up, replacing a Suspended Janjetovic and our other young shot stopper, Daniel Nizic.

But enough about our boys between the sticks, let’s go to our lads who are running around the park in black and gold and looking mighty fine in those third kits!

Playing well, pressuring the Reds to crack in their own homeground, as a few of our key players, like Riera, Roly and Baumjohann make the game all the more interesting to watch!

But, it wasn’t until the 27th minute, that I started having war flashback of the 2016 grand final with the free kick that was given to United. Young Suman with all the responsibility in the world on his shoulders at this moment, as we wait for Isais to curve the damn thing in.

But it’s fan favourite, Goodwin, who steps up to the occasion, striking the Western Sydney Wall, causing Suman to swing the wrong way before he realises it’s ricocheted in the opposite direction. As I watch the replays, I can’t help but feel my heart stop beating. BUT THANK THE FOOTBALL GODS WHO HAVE SPARED ME, it’s hit the frame of the goals, gone back in for a little game of pinball and OUT!

First goal comes before half time, a penalty given after a costly error from Konstandipoulas, not able to clear the ball away and ends up kicking Elrich in the shins.

Riera steps up to the ball as Adelaide’s brick wall, Paul Izzo, is ready for whatever the Spaniard will kick at him. And HE WAS! But Riera had the upper hand with the rebound. 1 – 0 to the Wanderers.

Second half was a half of drama and further intensity, both sides want 3 points, both sides NEED 3 points (WE NEED IT MORE, DAMMIT!).

But we didn’t look like we needed it as we went blind for a good 5 seconds after a long pass from Galloway made it’s way through the legs of one of our players and towards Nikola Mileusnic for an easy tap in. We’re levelled, Adelaide are ecstatic (the TLL group inbox is going mental at this point).

Before you know it, we’re all back up and running again as United are on another attack, zipping all over the park. The Wanderers can’t seem to get control back, only way to stop them is tp push them down. And that’s what Risdon did to Goodie…He literally threw the guy on the ground, I don’t know how he didn’t get more than a yellow.

We have a tad more drama as Elsey gives Oriol a nice elbow to the jaw, not something too crazy but obviously enough for Peter Green to pull out his cards and giving them our generously, like they are actual Christmas cards. This makes United lose a man, bringing them down to 10 men.

As if that wasn’t as painful as a hit to the head with a blunt object already, he’s another whack for ya. Within minutes of the send off, the Wanderers miraculously get their sh*t together after a nice free kick, a few passes along the midfield, a long cross from Baby Baccus towards Risdon, feeds it towards Bruce Kamau, AND BAM, 2 -2! He scores against his former team!

PURE EUPHORIA FOR ME as you can hear the boo’s intensify from the Red Army toward their former player.

It ends in a 2 – 2 draw, I was hoping for a Christmas miracle to snatch a win against the Reds but it wasn’t meant to be…but let’s be clear about one thing, we played better than we did last week in the derby, so I ain’t complaining (too much this time).

On to the next game as we ready ourselves against Melbourne City at ANZ, which will be played January 1st!

So I guess that means, I’ll see you all ‘next year’ (HAHAHAHAHA original joke, genius).

By Christina Trajceska

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