Steven Taylor The Only One Finishing On Top In Newcastle

To tell the truth…

I have no bloody idea what happened, I was too busy having a coffee with a good football mate of mine, gossiping about A-league, W-league, our football origin stories, and every classic kit known to man. But as I take a looksie at the final scoreline, the Jets have dropped their guard again and drawn to the Nix!

I placed my bets on the Jets, as I thought, ‘it’s about time the Nix crack and start a pattern of struggling to get 3 points”, in a way, I was not wrong.

Peering over to my laptop in between coffee and football talks with the lovely Mariame, AKA Cahill Express, AKA My favourite Sky-blue supporter, AKA trekkerz extraordinaire, AKA many other wonderful nicknames I have stashed away, I have a whole bucket load.

If you haven’t realised, I’m the one in the group that just comes up with all the nicknames, that’s right, I’m ‘THAT’ annoying friend.

Back to the match, I take a little glance over to my laptop and the Jets are in front with 1 – 0, a goal from Ronald Vargas on the 33rd minute and I’m thinking from here “ah, the Jets will be fine” as I return to the conversation.

At this point, we’re just taking the piss out of our ethnic upbringing around football, and how our families both thought “What are you doing with your life? A woman in football!? *GASP* Where did we go wrong!?” Dad forced me to watch the ’06’ World Cup qualifier, it all went downhill from there. (No, really, it has. As many already know, I support the Wanderers. That just about sums it up)

But back on track, to talk about the goal that was scored magnificently by Ronnie Vargas, my my my…that footwork takes ya breath away, doesn’t it. Finally, some creative goals are scored. Not your typical stuff. It was entertaining to watch his feet cause a blind panic amongst the Wellington defense, but also to watch Steven Taylors feet, in the that moment, too. Vargas made the poor bloke look like he was breakdancing…B-Boy ‘Long Pins’, in the house…

Things are short lived for the Jets, as in the second half of this InTeNsE mAtCh, the Nix equalise from a goal from David Williams. 58 minutes in, it’s 1 – 1, where to from here?

Well, it’s just constant back and forth battering to score another from both sides. Battling to get in front, battling for 3 points. A set of yellow cards here, yellow cards there, Wellington pushing as hard as they can to get a win as they dominate possession most of the match. The Jets with the WORST luck as a magnificent save by Sail denies a goal, the ball rolls back into frame for another shot, it hits the post, again it’s back in position for one final crack and they crack it, alright!, RIGHT AT SAIL, that follows with another crucial save!

I’d like to know what they are giving these Kiwi keepers. (Bottle it and send it to WSW HQ)

After all the hard work, the Nix get a penalty, they’re hoping and praying that this is their lucky moment. But Moss says ‘No’, as an easy, straight down the middle, kick doesn’t seem to phase Moss one bit.

It finishes 1 – 1, the Nix dropping crucial points (I stole that line from Foxtel), sending them into 6th place as they sit on the same 27 points as Melbourne City.  Newcastle bump up to 19 and cement 7th for the season.

Next round, the Nix are against the Vuck and the Jets are against City, it will be an interesting round as we get the return of two Melbourne players who are all the gossip in the papers. Honda, who returns from injury, and Maclaren, who returns from Europe to play in the World Class, A- league. We missed ya, mate! Hope you enjoy the VAR.

By Christina Trajceska

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