Sydney FC Lack Luck And Heart At New Home

As some of us were still recovering from the W-League Grand Final, including the Sydney FC women, we geared up for a seedy Sunday sesh at Liechhardt Oval for Sydney FC v Central Coast Mariners.

The seediest of the bunch would be the Sydney FC womens team who carried out their celebratory lap of honour prior to the match. I don’t think the sunglasses were so much of a sun-smart move. You f*cking deserve it girls.

Early in the match we saw injury ridden Tommy Oar fall horribly on his left leg after challenging for a header. His ankle bent so awkwardly that I think I wasn’t the only one feeling the empathy within my healing broken tibia and fibula.

Oar tested out how big his balls are by walking off the pitch and waiting before a substitute was called upon but unfortunately could not continue on. Promising signs for me as Matt Millar is subbed on. It’s promising as I placed multiple same game multi’s with Millar as an anytime prior to the match, assuming he was starting.

Sydney FC continued to terrorise the Mariners half with Ninkovic creating the best chance of the match so far, yet could only get as far as the right post. Even with a bounce back he couldn’t get the job done.

As Sydney held most of the possession, we all just knew as recent fixtures taught us, Mariners were gonna catch them on the counter. And they kinda did. Mariners with a corner (one of the few chances of the first half) sending the ball in to a very slow moving sea of sky blue which attempted to kick the ball out. Instead the ball fell nicely on O’Neills boot who’s shot beat Redmayne. The Mariners once again are in the lead within the first half. How long will this stick? For the sake of my bets, I hope they go all the way.

The Mariners got desperate for another, sticking to sky blue players tighter than my leggings after an hour on the cross trainer. But the lads couldn’t go any further than 0 – 1 at half time.

The second half saw Sydney FC play, as Graham Arnold would say, at about 70%. They established how utterly embarrassing a loss to the Mariners would be and decided to amp it up.

Unluckily for the sky blues, Michael Zullo spent the afternoon struggling with his balls while Grant partook in an on-field hairstyle battle and Brilliante just couldn’t get it in. However the Mariners started to look like their normal selves with Andrew Hoole failing to get into the box.

As the game continued as slowly as a turtle learning how to walk, in the 75th minute we got a little action in the box. Brosque gets pulled down as lightly as I set the Tricep Pulldown machine at the gym and is awarded a penalty. Alex Brosque and bitching like a teenager, name a more iconic duo.

Le Fondre steps up and get his sausage roll (scores). Dammit, says every non-Sydney FC supporter.

Kennedy with the cat-like skills to save a Ninkovic nearly-tap in in the dying minutes, followed by a Le Fondre terrible cross after getting put off by a hand ball that wasn’t picked up.

The Mariners hold on to their point away from home and Sydney FC can’t believe they struggle so much against the Mariners. Next up for the Mariners is Brisbane Roar at home, who beat Sydney FC last week.. So it really is anyone’s game. While Sydney FC are lucky enough to stay in town as they have to play Wellington Phoenix’s home game in Liverpool for whatever reason that may be.

By Rose Valente



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