Sydney FC’s Defence Call In Sick

Another one. We are now sitting with back to back home losses since 2015/2016. Unbelievable Geoff! Who would have thought, Sydney FC going down 3 nil in the first half to none other than Wellington Phoenix. Nix out? Nahhh Nix in. They were superb. Phenomenal. An almost perfect performance 2224km away from home. Mark Rudan, the tall impressive figure on the sideline, the composed manager of Wellington – a former Sky Blue player, up against it all including former teammate and fellow manager Steven Corica.

For those who hate Sydney FC, which is pretty much the entire league and respective supporter fan bases (HATED AND PROUD), Saturday afternoon’s match in the glorious suburbs of Sydney was quite simply a joy to watch. Misery however for Sky Blue alike.

But nothing compares to the greatest story of all leading up to this clash. Roy Krishna, the Phoenix front man, Fijian born in-form striker, recently gaining his New Zealand citizenship right after breaking the Nix’s all time goal scoring record last weekend. Soak it up lad, you deserve it. The two goals he scored were a prime example of hard-work paying off. Not once, but twice he split Jop Van Der Linden and Michael Zullo with his pace and curved runs in and behind to score two fantastic goals. It didn’t stop there for the Nix! Steven Taylor almost surprised as us spectators were, scoring an absolute pearler of a header to make it 3 nil.

Half time break. I sincerely hope Bimbi gave our boys a heated and passionate word spray. Is he up to the challenge? Can he be tough on his players the way Arnie was? Graham Arnold never minces his words, and always kept an honest policy during his tenure at Sydney FC. It seems as if we are witnessing the path of destruction unfold, history repeating itself, that ensues once Arnold leaves a club i.e. Central Coast. Not good enough. Defenders caught napping. On multiple occasions. Positionally still stuck at Allianz Stadium. An absolute woeful defensive display riddled with errors. Our current back three (excluding Rhyan Grant primarily due to the fact that he has been playing well and his haircut is a meme) put the liability in reliability. Not even sure if Redmayne can save a word document to be honest.

Our only consolation however, came from a very late Michael Zullo strike within the box after scramble after scramble. Well done Zullo, I have forgiven you slightly although I’m still pretty upset at your lack of defending in the first half.

All in all, so many lessons to be learned. When teams press high, pull the ball into the centre, creating an overlap within the midfield to slot through those goal scoring opportunistic passes, Sydney FC must and therefore need to react quickly, slide as a team, and close up space that ordinarily should not be there. Jordy Buijs, the ever effervescent, smiling, mohawked delightful defender who simply did not allow such defensive blasphemy to occur. We miss Jordy! Although reckless, he was reliable. Known to be a joker and clown of the team, in his words “You know Paulo Retre? He’s cute eh?”

Babbel and his lot are no doubt keeping a close eye on today’s result. Bring it on. Sydney Derby to come, we love a good match against our cross-city rivals. FOREVER SYDNEY.

By Mariame Choucair 

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