Sydney FC’s Ex Returns For Another Bang

In what was a mouth watering, tiring and marathon of staying awake match if you were viewing anywhere other than Western Australia, Perth Glory did exactly what Popa wanted them to, embarrass Sydney FC.

Perth Glory playing like a first timer on a pokie machine with beginners luck, winning absolutely everything. Sydney FC were struggling to fight Glory for possession. They had it and they were going to use it.

Ex-Sydney FC player Joel Chianese opened up the scoring in the 13th minute from Davidson’s ability to feed Chianese like he’s a new born resisting nutrition. Zullo unable to keep up with Chianese’s pace was just a preview of what the night had in store.

Only 11 minutes later, Lowry with a better eyesight than a hawk, spots Chianese from his defensive area. With a beauty of a kick which passes about 18 men, Chianese brings the ball down perfectly and slots it home again.

The Glory continued to control the play. Sydney FC were pretty far out of the race at this point, they were a bit like the poor fat kid at school carnivals. The play did start to get a little messy. Fouls started to pile up and we had the token Brosque hissy fit.

In the third minute of stoppage time a Christmas miracle arrived a little late, Santa netted his first goal in purple! The smile from ear to ear on the former Western Sydney Wanderer, poetically scoring against the team who he has hated for so long.  Executing the ball at the perfect moment, beating his man and Redmayne. Daggers everywhere into the hearts of Sydney FC fans.

The second half was a bit more positive for Sydney FC. Corica must’ve told them they were playing like the local Sunday league team who’d been out for a few bevs the night before because they started to control play a little better. Glory sat back and enjoyed the 3 goal buffer and decided to catch their breath for a bit.

Keogh was subbed on for goal-scoring Santalab which only further fueled speculation of a Keogh/Fornaroli swap during this magical mutual termination window. Although if this is to go ahead, there is concern of a personality clash between Fornaroli and Castro. Two big personalities, two great players, two men who have potential to work really well together but also have potential to clash.

The 66th minute saw Perth born Danny De Silva subbed on for Sydney, haven’t seen that many boos since Mr Burns won the independent film festival. To be fair I don’t think they were being too much of spoilt sports, they’re just shitty that he scored and celebrated with his loving family and friends and fans just 19 days ago in their last fixture. 19 days ago.. I’ve never heard such a need for Pro/Rel in my life. Although watching a league go round and round like it’s a carousel does test my sanity.

Unfortunately for Liam Reddy’s clean sheet, those yoga classes the team partake in worked too well as they caught their breath a little too much. In the 68th minute the Glory’s defence while on the exhale, watched Le Fondre put some extra tomato sauce on his sausage roll (he scored a goal). But as the match continued, this goal turned to be the only positive the boys in blue could take back home on their 5 hour trip.

Sydney head back home to face Adelaide United who prior to this match, destroyed Melbourne Victory in one of their best matches against their rivals in recent history. While Perth are enjoying the view from the top of the table and with performances like this, have a finger already on the Premiers Plate. The Glory now get to relax as they face the Wanderers next Sunday evening in what should be a walk in the park on a beautiful summers day.

By Rose Valente

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