The Daylight Savings Derby puts us all to sleep

Remembrance Round and Brisbane Roar looked to battle the sea of red against Adelaide United at Coopers stadium.  With one point on the road, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler and his new look team have yet to secure a much-needed win. 

Despite an initial surge by Roar in the early stages of the game, it became an all too familiar first half routine that, much like Stockholm syndrome, fans have come to despair and then psychologically accept. They sit so deep that…. No best not do any your momma jokes, I’ll behave. They sit so deep that there are zero outlets for any counterattack. O’Donovan (he is a striker, right?) was seen defending and hanging out in Brisbane’s own half. Roar have been celebrated for conceding only two goals so far this season but considering ALL eleven players rarely enter the last third It should be less.

Adelaide’s new addition Michaël Maria caused all sort of problems for Brisbane’s defence and it almost paid off to put the Reds up 1-0 but was well offside. The rest of the half continued in a blah like fashion, with multiple chances for Adelaide, but just couldn’t capitalize.

To be fair, Brisbane must have had some lollies at the break as they did have more energy and created more opportunities second half. I wouldn’t call it a consistent “attack” failing to mirror Adelaide’s approach by taking players on. Preferring the age-old tactic of stopping on the counter and passing back. But by far the best goal scoring opportunities of the second half came from a corner kick that caused Paul Izzo to make tough consecutive saves. And shortly after a very hopeful one on one where Inman unfortunately aimed straight for the keeper (he was subbed shortly after).

However, the consequence of this attack meant they struggled when Adelaide did push on the gas which lead to a goal from Midfielder Riley McGree after a stellar run from Homegrown James Troisi in the 84’.  And Brisbane’s pain continues. Unlike myself, Brisbane didn’t give up and continued to push for an equaliser up until the 96’ with a few poor long-range shots, but it was finally over for another week.

Despite my personal depressive feelings, I would like to end on a positive note. Roars passing and possession is improving each game. Aaron Amadi-Holloway, (a.k.a Gigantor in our household) who replaced O’Donovan in the second half creates a refreshing physical presence, particularly in the air, (but apparently breathing on someone can get you a yellow card?) And young Dylan Wenzel-Halls, who evidently is fighting to impress the new coach and become permanent start gives Brisbane some hope.

Brisbane play Melbourne City at Dolphin Stadium next week, fingers crossed Fowler can work some magic and gets this offence going. Otherwise he should just dust off his boots and join the fray. Adelaide’s win boosts them up to fifth place bumping Melbourne Victory, so that cheered me up at least.

By Toni Inglis

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