The Wanderers play like it’s Babbel’s last day on the job

Another Sunday, another A-League football match this time between the Wanderers and Perth Glory, but here’s a quick recap in case you missed the news. The Wanderers farewelled the Fußballgott Alex Meier and have bought in Simon Cox from Southend United to fix their issues in the box, who should be good to go in the next week or so.

It’s do or die for the Wanderers who need to lift following their loss to the Nix last week especially with the home advantage. While Popa’s men are flying with a 3-0 win over Adelaide and they don’t seem to have hit their peak just yet.

It didn’t take long for the Glory to find the back of the net in the 6th minute when Bruno Fornaroli netted his sixth goal in six to also send the visitors in the lead. This was off a deflection off McGowan which bounced over Daniel Lopar, who had no chance of stopping that.

Despite the early goal the Wanderers weren’t playing too shabbily. The main issue was turnovers in the midfield and the lack of pressure on the Glory defence. As for Perth, they seemed to be in cruise control.

It was Schwegler’s turn to try find something for the men in the Red and Black of Western Sydney, taking a free in the 20th but sent it straight into the wall. There were appeals for a handball by the Wanderers all of which in my opinion anyway were correctly dismissed. A corner was awarded as a result but Kamau sent his shot flying into the stands.

WSW were starting to play with fire, halfway through the first half and the Glory could’ve had another goal or two. Then Mueller was seriously unlucky to not score off a great ball from Danny G, Reddy was forced to make a cracking save in the 27th.

Things could’ve gone from bad to worse for those supporting the Wanderers when Chianese found the back of the net in the 30th. But as per the rules the linesman kept the flag down and sure enough. The whistle was blown and offside was called. The Wanderers dodged a bullet and were still (at least on the scoreboard) in this. However, WSW looked a little lost to be fair, they seem to be missing the fluidity and understanding you normally see between team mates to be brutally honest.

Onto the second half and just when you think the WSW made something of the game and were able to find an equaliser in the 53rd it’s everyone’s “favourite” the VAR’s time to shine. A VAR check was conducted and the goal was disallowed following the determination that the ball came off Yeboah’s arm. No goal and the Wanderers fans lose their shit.

Clear and obvious error?

Each week we seem to be having the same debate and to be honest I give up on trying to understand which errors are and aren’t obvious enough to be reviewable. From my POV and with the benefit of a replay NO it was not a clear and obvious enough error and the goal should’ve stood.

You could see Babbel’s job going up in flames by the minute and he has been so quiet, hard not to feel for the German. It’s as if he’s resigned to his fate whatever that may be.

Danny G tried to find a goal and create some joy for his side in the 69th but it curled too wide. We know he’s capable of scoring a few and he isn’t a player afraid to shoot, especially knowing that the Wanderers needed to find another gear or two ASAP or they’re staring down a barrel of another defeat.

Joel Chianese again tried to score in the 77th minute but again there was another check for offside and sure enough the goal is overruled. Two goals in a match to have scrapped and you had to feel for the Glory forward.

At this point it was a case of put the Wanderers (and the fans) out of their misery already, poor things are seriously being subjected to torture at this point. It is never that simple in football though, as the fourth official signalled eight minutes of stoppage time, I had a couple questions…


  1. Was eight minutes enough time for the Wanderers to find a goal?
  2. Is this the final eight minutes as WSW coach for Babbel?
  3. Why does it seem only a handful (at most) of the WSW players care? I know they’re low on confidence blah blah but there seems to be little to no passion, heart or fight left in the squad. A squad which on paper should’ve been dangerous and pushing the best sides in the league.

To all of our Wanderers supporting friends… F**K guys, this is bad. I am sorry you guys keep showing up to games (or tuning in) hoping for improvement and instead going home empty handed. Many of us were optimistic with a new stadium and new players that the Wanderers’ dark days were behind them but this doesn’t seem to be the case just yet.

Thankfully there is a week off for the Wanderers to regroup and insert Cox into the front third (I’ll see myself out now). While the Glory are off to Melbourne to face City which should see a solid shootout between some of the deadliest strikers in the league.

By Jakie Manevski

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