Wanderers Dwindling Fan Base Proves Why They’re Sydney’s First Team

OOHHH, so we complain too much, huh?


So we complain more than Karen does to the manager at Kmart, it’s because we want what’s best for the league, for our club, for the badge and colours we wear. You see, we’re a club that prides ourselves on hard work, starting from the bottom, making something outta nothing. And we’re majority of a working class, immigrant background, it’s in our blood to complain…much like my mother does when she see’s her daughter in basketball shorts and an oversized hoodie, rather than a cute pink dress and her hair done up.

But let me bring to the attention of the good people of Western Sydney, what was said about our crowd numbers in ‘Roar’ this morning…

“Little wonder Sydney FC boast the bigger crowds and better atmosphere.”

Okay, you know what, HOLD ON! *puts together a slideshow* WE’RE GONNA LEARN TODAY, SON!

ALLIANZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHjGlRWs908

MARCHING TO ALLIANZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaLeRVbRza8

ALLIANZ AGAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw4q4RAyz5Q

ALLIANZ AAAGAAINN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKeRzlornkw


Now, now, I know those videos are a few good couple of years old, but to get the damn idea, we’re a proud club and we will support our boys, rain, hail, shine, win or lose, it’s just that part of the relationship where you love each other so much, you wanna kill each other. (Ah, true love).

We’ve lost our beloved stadium, that was a BIG blow, how would you feel if someone said to you “listen mate, we’re gonna build you a new home, it’s gonna look SICK. We’re gonna get you a slide instead of stairs and a fireman’s pole that takes you straight to the kitchen. But we’re gonna have to relocate you for a while” and you have to live for 3 years in a foreign environment where a water bottle and small chips will cost you $20…and this has caused upset. Why wouldn’t it!? It’s also a hike and a half for majority of fans who are located in cities such as the Parramatta and Blacktown regions, the red and black OG’s* …..(*We’re not all outlaws…I’m just making this worse, I’ll stop. We’re lovely people here, I promise.)

But you get the idea, so now, Sydney FC, your turn now mate, feel our paaainnn, MWAHAHAHA (in all seriousness, I send my humblest prayers, I feel for you guys…….with a hint of “HAHA”) but honestly, all the best.

But every great club, every passionate fan goes through that phase, I’m going through it right now with the Wanderers and Newcastle United….and Red Star Belgrade in the Champo’s…and Chicago fire………I’m in a dark place right now :’)

But we will get there eventually, we just need that spark* to get us going again (*no pun intended), and you know what, Mikey, good ol’ Mick Tuckerman, THANK YOU. Cause if you haven’t realised, we’re up in arms and complaining, the fire has been lit.

As far as good mate of mine, Oriol Riera, said to me, they’re ready, I’m ready, WE’RE READY! FFA Cup didn’t go as planned but did you see that ATTENDANCE! We’ve got the numbers, we’ve got the talent, we’ve got the pride. We just gotta find that spark again.

We will.

So Mikey, thanks for ya kind words, much appreciated, respect your views. We will note it down and bring on the fire!

We’ll take it from here, mate!


Featured Image from FC Baller.

By Christina Trajceska

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