Wellington head home Liberato-ated after embarrassing the Mariners

It’s International Women’s Day and the Mariners have taken style tips from The Ladies League and taken the pitch in a stunning pink and black kit.  They also have a special function going on serving canapes and champagne to some lucky ladies, the boss included. It brings a whole new meaning to “champagne football” and I am here for it!

The high-flying Nix come into today after a week off thanks to the rescheduled Sydney derby match up of last weekend.  There’s always a niggly feeling when your team comes off a break, are they in the right mind set for a match?  Have they done enough training?  Have Stevie T, Bally and Super Hooper spent too much time gallivanting on their jet skis to be ready?

On the flip side, the Mariners are in last place so should we really be concerned? Coming in to today they are seven losses on the trot, as a Nix fan I’m hoping that stretches to 8 today.

While the Nix had the first chance of the game, the Mariners soon had their own attempt on goal through Harold (genuinely can’t type that name without thinking of everyone’s favourite giraffe).  It takes 18 minutes for the Nix to get ahead.  Libby Cacace receives a beaut of a ball from Davila and slots it past Birighitti.  Libby is playing his 50th match for the Nix tonight, and in doing so becomes the youngest player to achieve this milestone for the club.

On the half hour mark, Piscopo feeds Gary Hooper the ball.  His first touch looked a bit heavy and there were questions of offside, but he manages to chip the keeper and double the lead for the Nix.

The Mariners just haven’t been very good tonight.  In fairness, they have been in some good positions but look nervous in the final third of the pitch.

The fearsome Matty Simon is subbed on to try and strike fear into the Nix, though it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact as less than 15 minutes after he takes the park the Nix are on goal again.  This time it’s Rufer who strikes a long ball in the direction of Sotorio who converts and makes it 3 for the visitors.

A consolation goal for the Mariners just before the 90 minutes are up.  Jair with a helluva strike that rockets past Marinovic.  It’s a blink and you’ll miss it type of goal, and it’s fair to say that Stefan did not see that coming.

Come the end of the night, the Nix will be in third place.  Can we host finals football on this side of the ditch?! This is the stuff dreams are made of!

By Tracey Hodge

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