A Whole Code Pisses Off Greg Griffin

In the latest instalment of CODEWARZ we have AFLX v Soccer. Adelaide being the powerhouse City of Football (Soccer) in this country, are the first to be f*cked over by this controversy. A new thinga majigga tournament of AFL clubs trying to stay relevant in a country overwhelmed by the traditional Soccer, has pissed off Greg Griffin.

Some believe it’s a conspiracy as the tournament has been set to take place 48 hours prior to one of the A-Leagues hottest clashes, Adelaide V Mariners at their home ground of Coopers Stadium. The Bogan Derby attracts travelling fans from the coast of NSW to explore the South Australian wineries and partake in their favourite pastime, getting shitfaced on holiday.

SA’s Tourism Minister commented on the situation “We expect a large contingent of travelling fans as a good 40% of their fan-base don’t work. This is an opportunity for us to exploit their wallets and their love of getting shitfaced. Our lower star Motel’s are never as busy as when a Mariners game is on.”

Greg Griffin spoke with us in a TLL exclusive and said something along these lines;

“Who the f*ck do they think they are? Don’t they know who I am? Don’t they know my net worth? I had to find out this information from an article! Don’t they know I could crush them? YES THE ENTIRE LEAGUE, I COULD CRUSH THEM.” at this point of the interview we had to fetch some iced water and a damp cloth to contain Greg and his over heating forehead.

The main concern is that the pitch is going to look like a Rugby players face and slow the ball movement down which is all we need for an Adelaide and Mariners clash.

Will we ever go a an entire season without a Greg Griffin outrage? It wouldn’t be the A-League if we did.

A Whole Code Pisses Off Greg Griffin
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