We are fans, for the fans. The Ladies League is a group of female football fans, covering football in Australia. Articles are heavily influenced by our passion, videos are low budget, interviews are what the fans want to hear and live commentary via Twitter is unapologetic.

We are on a mission to highlight everything that’s great about Australian football, so follow our socials and stay up to date with everything TLL!

All positive feedback can be directed to our Twitter page in retweet, quote retweet and plain ol’ tweet form. All negative feedback, especially in form of swearing, abuse and possibly egging, can be directed to FFA Headquarters, Sydney.

“Very politically incorrect” – Simon Hill

“Passionate group of ladies” – Daniel Garb

“Keep doing you” – Lucy Zelic

“I love The Ladies League!” – Oriol Riera

“*laughing and crying emoji*” – Chris Ikonomidis

“Bloody ripper” – Ken Ilso

* hysterically laughing at tweets * – Tara Rushton