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This year we thought it would be fun to use our annual leave to follow Adelaide United around for a few weeks, spoiler alert it was not, we are still to see an away win. So our return held a lot of hope, yet I was also a little scared of Western United after their performance last week defeating the Mariners 6-2 last weekend.

Surely a win at home would be achievable with the return of Halloran, Strain and Mauk, but Halloran’s return and a win were not meant to be. So in the past four weeks we have driven 3,500km, spent $500 in petrol and haven’t seen a win, lucky I love this team, like any relationship you have to ride the ups and downs.

We attacked early on and looked like we had pace up front, but the first drama of the day was a clash between Kurto and team member Durante as Kurto tried to clear the ball saw Kurto taken off after landing on his head in the 13th minute.. This allowed Ryan Scott to make his debut for the away team, and when a second keeper comes out, you automatically get your hopes up a little higher.

However in the 18th minute it was Berisha that managed to score that first goal with a pass from Risdon, why must this happen to us? Adelaide didn’t have to wait long for our man McGree to make it 1-1, from this point I have no idea what happened to our team, we ran around like headless chooks chasing the ball but the work rate didn’t equal success, and passes didn’t make it to the man. A few weeks ago we were temporarily in second place, suddenly we are now not even in the six and Brisbane snore are even above us! 

It wasn’t that long ago Adelaide fans were frustrated we were a team of defenders, I would just about do anything to have even one of them back now. It didn’t take long for Western United to expose our weakness for a second time with Diamanti scoring in the 32nd minute after being given enough room to land a jet. However it was Western United’s third goal a header from Burgess in the 38th minute, initially ruled out due to offside, but VAR came to the “rescue” and he was awarded the goal. 

This further rattled the home team, and the crowd had a different opinion because of course we can see everything clearly from the stands referee sir… All of this and the early injury lead to six long, painful, but at least scoreless extra minutes in the first half. Half time saw Mileusnic subbed off for last weeks goal scorer Opseth. We have come from behind before our hopes weren’t completely dashed yet.

Western United were not happy with only three goals and Pain was the next to punish us in the 48th minute, but wait they still weren’t done (we were, we were so done) Berisha wanted really rub salt into our wound and scored his second and their fifth in the 56th minute.

Now I know 34 minutes is a long time in football but we were not coming back from this tonight, and it was still definitely long enough for Western United to punish us even more, thankfully they decided to go defensive and the margin didn’t increase.. You could see the boys were frustrated out on the field, but no one had any answers, we held 62% of the possession and had 26 shots but only two on target. Those stats are not going to create a comeback story.

However, Western United are now the second only ever A-league team to have scored five or more goals in consecutive games. The only stat Adelaide can try and turn into a positive is so far being the only team not to have a draw this season, gotta always look on the bright side of life.

By Michelle Reid

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