Adelaide slips one in during sloppy performance


YES BITCHES, WE GOT A WIN. Our last win was against Newcastle Jets on the 8th of December. This is Adelaide’s first win in 2020. * breathes *

Melbourne Victory travelled to Coopers Stadium with a Kurz-less outfit. If you haven’t heard, Marco Kurz was invited to the Mutual Termination Party and was successfully booted out the door. I didn’t expect too many changes with assistant coach, Carlos Salvachua taking reign. Luckily for Adelaide, the pending Marco Rojas signing is yet to be completed and Ola Toivonen was MIA. 

Things weren’t all unicorns and rainbows at Adelaide United though with James Troisi in the stands due to a ‘hamstring’ injury, which wouldn’t surprise me if it was code for ‘assessing mutual options’. We were also lacking Al Hassan Toure up front as Graham Arnold has selfishly kept him hostage for his own tournament, bastard. 

The game started a little underwhelming, as you would imagine with both teams’ current form but with two penalty shouts and two visits to the VAR office, fans gained an early indication of what to expect in this game. The first penalty shout came in the 9th minute as Kruse sent the ball into the box, striking Elsey on the arm. Or so we thought. The vision was blurry af but as we dove further into the situation, the right decision was made over in the VAR office as it looked to be against his chest.

Again, Elsey in the middle of a he said she said, Kruse goes down in the box on the back of a Jordan Elsey challenge in the 15th minute. Robbie is adamant it’s a pen but both the Ref and VAR say no pen. This one is interesting, I found myself yelling at the TV ‘NO PEN WTF SPEEDY’ but the general consensus was the frustration of inconsistency. Many fans frustrated that this same challenge can be given in another game but not this one. Football. 

The Reds somehow find the lead in the 32nd minute and I’m not kidding, I literally do not how they found it. Maybe Adama Traore is still seeing Matt Simon stars cos he let Ben Halloran sneak it in like Santa in the night. There was absolute scrambles from an initial McGree shot and Thomas’s slippery fingers which resulted in an attempted goal line clearance but alas, Benny got the job done. 

I still can’t believe it but Adelaide head into half time one goal up and after four losses, this is some much needed confidence, regardless of performance.

Adelaide continue to shit stir in the second half, inclusive of short corners and all. I don’t know who needs to hear this but short corners aint it fam. 

Melbourne Victory weren’t out of it though, however I don’t even know if Adelaide were in it at all to be honest. Kamsoba with plenty of runs but still, no goals. Kruse was ever increasingly getting frustrated with Andrew Nabbout and I’m sure, as was Victory fans. Nabbout couldn’t even score in a brothel this evening, far too many touches and hesitation which let’s be honest, no one wants that in the box.

I won’t lie, from the 60th – 75th it was a bit of a binfire. I recall the #OriginalRivalry from November was a cracking match – I mean, mainly from a Reds point of view. But I guess Victory played Adelaide out of form as this was when things started to go down hill for them. 

In the dying minutes, George Blackwood completely screwed up an opportunity on goal with hesitation which led to a Victory turnover. It was around here I started to actually feel something during this game. I got that sensation of ‘oh my God we might actually win this so pls don’t fuck it up lads’.

As an Adelaide fan, there’s no one I would prefer to be on goal for the last play of the game, than Andrew Nabbout. Nabbout finishes the game with a poor shot on goal. The Reds get a MUCH needed win and Victory’s travelling fans go home very sad.

It wasn’t a great win for the Reds and there will be no bragging about this game nor any highlights come next #OriginalRivalry, but they got the 3 points and some confidence which was much needed.

Melbourne Victory now face Sydney FC at home for the Big Blue and await their Marco Rojas signing which I believe should be any day now. Adelaide United get to travel to a footy stadium to face the new boys in green, Western United.

By Rose Valente

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