Adelaide victorious in the battle for the Wooden Spoon


WE DID IT HONEYS!!! Well, I sat on my ass eating Monte biscuits while the girls worked their asses off on the pitch. YOU DID IT HONEYS!!!

Thankfully in this instance, being victorious in the battle for the Wooden Spoon means they in fact lost it. I hope you’re following at home. 

Adelaide United spent 8 of the 14 rounds of this W-League season on the bottom of the ladder but thanks to the Newcastle Jets, they ended the season second to last. And also thanks to Melbourne Victory for last weeks 7-0 defeat of the Jets. And I guess I could keep going but I’ll probably sound like an episode of How I Met Your Mother soon. 

The Newcastle Jets started the season alright, hanging around the middle of the ladder. But unfortunately the Novocastrians who recently lost their coach to an interim stint at the men’s team, just couldn’t maintain some of their earlier performances. 

I knew (hoped) this match would be feisty. Both teams were fighting to avoid the wooden spoon and it turned out, they really were fighting. The ref was quite reserved with her cards giving out only three yellows as the challenges from both teams were coming in hard and fast. 

Thankfully for the crowd (not the 6 Jets fans in attendance) Chelsie Dawber drew a penalty for the Reds in the 22nd minute after a dominant start. Chelsie was able to make the most out of Hannah Brewer’s push in the back and it’s smart football from the number 10. Amber Brooks steps up and it’s 1-0 to Adelaide!! It’s happening.

Just over 10 minutes later Teigan Collister received the ball from a Willacy punch, defending Copus-Brown’s free kick and Collister volley’s it into the top corner for the equaliser. The ‘Go Jets’ corner goes nuts!! 

Right before half time I had a slight PTSD moment from that time when I was 8 and I was standing next to the goals while my brothers team who were 5 years older were training and I copped a shot to the face. Isabel Hodgson’s powerful shot hit Claire Coelho square in the face and Claire took it like an absolute champ. I thought she was going to be down for a while but nope, she gets back up after about a minute. Like, what.

Both teams come out at half time with it all on the line. There was no way Adelaide weren’t going for more though.

After what felt like 75 shots from Mallory Weber, things finally came up Milhouse for the American. Weber who has been as strong and reliable as nails for the Reds, scored not only the winner for Adelaide in their second win of the season but also pushed herself to their golden boot winner, finishing on 4 goals for the season. Mallory sneaking herself into the right areas, beats both defenders and Coelho to tap in the winner.

The Jets weren’t really offering enough for me to fret that we could lose this lead. The funny (not really) part was Adelaide were playing like they normally do, but normally oppositions can just outplay them. In this instance however, Adelaide were able to silence the ever frightening Tara Andrews and capitalised on the Jets’ low confidence after their 7-0 home defeat. 

Unfortunately for the Newcastle Jets, they end the season on the bottom of the ladder with two wins and a -15 goal difference. Adelaide too have played their final game of the season finishing 8th with two wins and a -12 goal difference. Both clubs have a lot of work to do before next season if they want to stay competitive in the W-League.

I’ve watched every Adelaide United game this season and they have played with a lot of heart, but they just can’t compete with the star quality of their oppositions. Let’s hope both Adelaide and Newcastle can attract some star quality next season.

By Rose Valente

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