AFLX Comes To Town

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls here it is! Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s disaster in the name of the game! They’ll run, they’ll kick and disposals will be oh so very quick, it’s AFLX trying to be more unbearable than the Nix.

And AFL fans everywhere are downright pissed off that the history, the originality and the culture of the game is becoming modernised.

AFLX is designed to be played on a smaller, rectangular pitch, also known as a football/soccer pitch. We’ve come to believe the game will pan out like a type of tennis. Given footy players focus on their (50 metre?) long kicks in training for when they (mark?) the ball and go for goal.

There will be one player kicking the ball from one penalty box, another one marking in the other penalty box and getting the point(s?) with what is better known as a ‘goal kick’ or ‘soccer kick’ through the goal posts.

So what do all the other blokes on the pitch do? Maybe wrestle or something. We really don’t know. Like, they love wrestling n shit.

Where’s the entertainment? I guess there’ll be cheerleaders on the sidelin.. Oh no.. Wait.

Is there any skill involved? Not sure yet.

How will our pitches hold up? About as good as a drunken sailor.

Who is actually into this? We haven’t got that far.

Will The Ladies League representatives be attending? God no.

AFLX, coming to an already ruined by Foo Fighters pitch near you soon!

AFLX Comes To Town
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