Alfie leads his team to an ugly win


Brisbane Roar travelled to a hot and humid Jubilee Stadium to suffer their first defeat for 2020, concede their first penalty for the season and Robbie Fowler to lose for the 6th time this season.

Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar had an entertaining support match before theirs, they had the pleasure of watching the Y-League Grand Final between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory. The young Sydney lads lifted the trophy after a dominant 5-1 win and convinced us all that the kids are alright.

Now back to the heat. This was obviously going to be a slow game or at the least, a slow start to the game given how terrible the air quality in Sydney has been and combine this with humid weather. 

It was a very slow game. If Brisbane Roar ever posted their starting line up formation I could’ve concluded the back 3 playing tiki taka a lot sooner. Yes the passes in this game were a plenty and the amount of Brisbane shirts behind a Sydney ball were also a plenty. Brisbane have done their homework but also were not scared to push forward when required. We saw Scott McDonald lead the side as Roy O’Donovan sat on the bench in the final hours of Mutual Termination Season Deadline Day. 

Sydney weren’t the only ones with an attacking plan with Dylan Wenzel-Halls and Corey Brown attacking each wing. Brown penetrated the area early on which made me think how hilarious it would be if Corey got two from two. Mainly because of how many Brisbane fans snubbed off his January signing. 

But what about Bimbi’s men hey. Sydney were just, Sydney. Milos Ninkovic brought his labrador Jay O’Shea to work today. You know how your dog gets up every time you do and you’re like “dude, I am just making a coffee in the next room” and your dog gets super excited and follows? That was Jay to Ninko. 

It was preeeeetty flat with only a few very small chances up until the 29th minute. Milos Ninkovic, the man of the hour every hour, sends in a ball to Rhyan Grant entering the box. Grant passes to Barbarouses, Barbarouses passes to Caceres, Caceres to Brattan who shoots his shot. No luck for Sydney FC but the ball finds its way to Joel King who gives it to Luke Brattan, who is having a great game, Brattan tries his luck from outside the box but Jamie Young is just too good. Unfortunately for the Roar Jamie is a ball of muscle and takes out his own player in the process. Fortunately for the Roar the team must be used to their ball of muscle in goals and they get right up.

Both teams must’ve had a few icy poles in the sheds at half time cos it only took 10 minutes for shit to hit the fan for Brisbane. The yellow card Scott Neville received in the 46th minute came back to bite him on the ass as he receives a second yellow for a handball in the box and gives away a penalty. It was the classic ‘what the fuck am I supposed to do with my hands’ that we’ve been seeing all season. Scott with his arms by his side but with enough room for the ball to squeeze through the arm and the body, hitting the arm along the way. Scott Neville leaves the pitch on a red, much to his disgust as he explains to Adam Peacock on the journey to the tunnel and Alfie steps up for the penalty. As Alfie does, Alfie scores. We finally get a goal in this unusual StAtE oF oRiGiN clash.

Only minutes later there is another penalty shout as last weeks saviour, Corey Brown, brings down Kosta Barbarouses in the box. Thankfully for Brisbane, the VAR steps in with a positive and correct overturn as Barbarouses was found to be offside during his run into the final third.

If I can be honest with you, not much happened from this point onwards – other than Aldred v Grant with a little one on one that very quickly fizzled. It was quite poor (in my opinion) of Sydney with no real hunger to go for more up against 10 men. Brisbane had opportunities but didn’t really look like they were gong to do anything with them. 

Sydney FC proves to us mere mortals that yes, they can win things. We get it Sydney. Brisbane head back home to play the Pissants on Saturday night while Sydney FC prepare themselves for Saturday’s FTA Sydney Derby, facing their cross-town rivals with a brand new coach. Have they got it in the sky blue bag?

By Rose Valente




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