And on the seventh day, God gave us a draw


A dynamic attacking trio emerging for Glory, some standard salty chanting from the Perth fans and a day saving decision by the VAR saw Perth Glory and Brisbane Roar share the spoils out in the west.

We had to wait till the last game of the round but Brisbane Roar were finally back in action on the blessed #DogsOfSokkahTwitter day (the holiest of days). The first game of the season under the new gaffer should be an exciting time for all, unless you’re away to Perth… so yeah, cheers.

Turns out that if you make GOD travel to the other side of the country, he rewards you with a point against the reigning Premiers.

In the lead up to the game I’d planned to memorise all our new players (NINE debutants in the starting 11) but who am I kidding. It’s much more fun to agree with everyone on Twitter about not recognising anyone besides Stefan Mauk. As a result of the little research I did undertake, I stumbled upon Roy O’Donovan’s interview where he wanted us to know he is misunderstood and isn’t actually an evil person (read: not a serial killer). As a Roar fan I now 100% embrace that ROD is no longer the devil but rather a disciple of GOD.

For the more visual of you other there, here is ROD’s transformation in GIF form.




Elaine Madonna Gif

Playing away to Perth isn’t easy at the best of times so it was a relief when the Glory couldn’t put away early chances. Within the first three minutes, Neil Kilkenny’s corner found the head of newbie Gregory Wuthrich who sent it over the crossbar. A minute later and Chris Ikonomidis tries his chances but sends his shot wide.

Ikonomidis, Bruno Fornarli and Diego Castro were unfortunately very good in the opening half, so it was no surprise when Glory finally scored. Ikonomidis made the run in to the box to receive a rather ok-ish pass from Castro (if you like that sort of pinpoint passing ability) and slots it home for Glory in the 34th.

While Roar seemed to settle into the game, it’s surprising they managed to keep the score to 1-0 at half time. I have high (naive? maybe) expectations for this team and I’m not here for the underdog status. We’re Brisbane effing Roar and I must believe that the team will die for the win if they have to. Sorry, dive* for the win.

The second half is a lot better from Roar and you can see flashes of brilliance from Fowler’s lads starting to shine through. Some would say Perth were a bit sluggish coming out but they still had their fair share of chances.

Mauk looked most likely to score for Roar in the 55th minute as he beat the offside trap but Reddy was too good and made the save.

As four minutes stoppage time is announced it looked like Roar’s fight back had been for nought, but you can never give up on this team (let that Grand Final be a lesson to everyone). The breakthrough came in 90+5’ as ROD headed in a last-minute equaliser. A little bit of a nervy wait as the VAR checked the legitimacy of the goal after the flag went up, but Aaron Amadi Holloway was onside originally then just ahead of ROD when he headed the ball into his path.

Seeing Roar celebrate was beautiful so here’s hoping there will be many more happy moment throughout the season!

*jokes, it was a pen every day of the year.

By Bree Reidy

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