Ange Postecoglou Takes Criticism Well

Earlier this morning Ange Postecoglou named his 23 man squad for Australia’s biggest matches in 12 years, in a home and away leg against Honduras.

It’s well-known that Ange has been criticised for his player selection, formation and choice of attire. Stubborn as the Greek born Australian is, Ange is adament his coaching techniques will get Australia to the World Cup. Regardless of the fact that if he just took a step back and looked at the big picture, re-evaluating decisions and improving on failed performances, Australia would already have qualified.

In this morning’s press conference, sources close to us have confirmed he was not happy. And we don’t mean John Kosmina having to put on a suit and tie not happy, he was shitted. ‘I am absolutely shitted’ he explained.

Ange vows to continue playing un-attractive football with questionably out of form players until we qualify. ‘Playing for 90 minutes is below us. Qualifying top of the table in regular time without the extra pressure, resource costs and energy that could be put into actually, possibly getting out of the Group Stages, is below us. THE ABILITY TO NOT USE TIM CAHILL IS BELOW US’ Ange continued to explain as his voice rose and sweat increased. At the risk of turning into a UAE away, sweaty shirt saga again, journalist Dan Garby cut him short with a quick question in a quirky manner.

Thankfully FIFA are providing support for extra security, a manual for Tim Cahill’s belongings and is arguably the reason behind 6 Balkans selected in the final squad.

Ange Postecoglou Takes Criticism Well
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