ASTA Fights FFA For Control From FIFA Hand In Hand With APFCA And AAFC

FIFA are currently in town to meet with FFA and club/fan representatives in relation to the current decline in the game’s performance and interest.

The fans are represented by official groups whch have been formed in accordance to fans’ core values. Things like; suitable kick off times for families, banning low-strength beer, better stadium burgers and more time alone with Milos Ninkovic post-game (or is that just us?).

While there have been talks of a normalisation committee, FIFA have concluded that there is no one normal involved in Australian Football.

Greg Griffin has done most of the waving of his hands in the air as he believes he is the darn jolliest Lawyer in Australia. The man dominating Adelaide Law, fighting the big battles of who stuck who in who’s barrel. Griffin has been representing the A-League clubs as a whole, as nominated by his club as they will try anything to get rid of him.



Vince Rugari, Shaun Mooney and Kevin Airs have united to form ASTA (Australian Sokkah Twitter Association). Although Mooney is unaware of the current association established, we can safely assume that between his savvy business skills, Airs’ wide stream reach and Rugari’s ability to make words sound like they’re interlocking in a waltz, we have something magical on our hands.

The ASTA will form an alliance with the 2,000+ Sokkah Twitter members in order to push their agendas. Upon contacting ASTA, we were advised they are currently focusing on the following:

  • Red button options for TV viewers; mainly for Timmy watch so we are not subjected to the heart and soul of Millwall on our TV’s for roughly 57% of a game
  • Fan Engagement a higher priority
  • The NCIP rules and regulations to be reviewed
  • Espresso zones in stadiums where Espresso can be delivered to your row/bay
  • Promotion and Relegation introduced
  • Each member of an A-League club receives 10% off FourFourTwo
  • Souvlaki made by a guy called Steve or Bill and is not isolated to FFA Cup games only
  • New rectangular stadiums funded by the Westfield Group
  • Any further animated gaming tournaments introduced specifically for Ray Gatt

ASTA will also partake in fundraising activities. The association has already signed up for the Sydney Derby charity evening where they will buy tickets for the Sydney Derby because by this point, it is charity. They are also supporting the community by visiting grassroots clubs and asking who they sing for. It is also understood several members have even joined forces with the homeless offering Wanderers fans support on game day.

We now await FFA’s announcement as to whether the people’s court will finally find justice or the men in suits will continue to destroy what was a special place for community and all to enjoy.

ASTA Fights FFA For Control From FIFA Hand In Hand With APFCA And AAFC
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