Baby Baccus With A Beauty For The Red & Black


The footballing community spent their evening enjoying the Western Sydney Wanderers host Central Coast Mariners at Soulless (Spotless) Stadium. And I use the word enjoy loosely.

The match has aged me beyond words. The scrappiness from both teams, the lack of energy, the uninspiring plays..

There were moments in the first half where we were all holding our breath for a repeat of the Jets match two weeks ago. It looked as though the night would be yet again, a bunch of men failing to finish.

The Mariners though? Well, they were as exciting as Matt Simon without a shirt. 

Markus Babbel.. Well he stole the show. Fox Sports frothing at his modern-chic suit with around 25 close ups. I spent a good amount of time checking if I was actually watching the E! Red Carpet rather than Fox Sports. Babbel explaining to Garby in his post-match interview that he in fact was wearing Joe Black.

As each and every person watching this game was praying they would soon slip into a deep coma for the evening to fast track their life as far away from this game as possible, baby Baccus scored just before half time! Controversially it seems as Mike Mulvey whinged and bitched that the goal was scored 20 seconds past the 2 minutes of stoppage time allocated. I can’t help but to express to Mulvey that 20 seconds, really isn’t a long time.

At some point in the second half Sotirio, after more crap decisions in the area than me after a bottle of wine, scores a goal. Due to the 75 failed attempts and destroying fantastic passes, Fox Sports with little faith that Sotirio would actually score, missed the goal initially. It was a classic #justaleaguethings moment. 

Sotirio continued his hunger in front of goal while Baumjohann terrorised the midfield and forced Adam Peacock to reconsider his celebrity free pass. The Wanderers backline had improved too with Ziegler holding up the brick wall and Elrich moved over back into a more comfortable role with freedom to the left. 

Much to Cass Treppiedi’s disgust, who was writing the FTBL player ratings, I still didn’t rate Sotirio above an eight. Thankfully I was able to convince her to bring the rating down to a 7.5 but we both agreed he does need to work on his decision making and finishing. 

There wasn’t much to say about the Mariners, other than the fact Matt Simon spent more time on the pitch bitching to the ref. 

Next week the Mariners travel to New Zealand to play the Wellington Phoenix. Could this match possibly be any more lethargic and draining than tonights? Just in case, I have a lot of wine handy.

Whereas the Wanderers have the Sydney Derby.. 

By Rose Valente

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