Barbarouses Fulfills Yia Yia’s Request By Obtaining A Suspension For Greek Easter

On Easter Sunday Eve, families everywhere gathered around their favourite streaming device or set-top box to watch two occasionally mediocre but sometimes entertaining teams fight to climb up the 6.

In front of everyone in Melbourne who doesn’t watch AFL, Melbourne Victory embarrassed the Western Sydney Wanderers and Michael Thwaite embarrassed himself.

The Victory’s 3-1 win had more talking points than SokkahTwitter when a new outrage breaks. While starting slow, giving us all enough time to enjoy our dinners, Leroy George’s deflected set piece had pieces of the Ferrero Rocher we were annihilating, drop from our mouths.

Once Victory stepped up, Cejudo decided he doesn’t wanna get shown up and should maybe play as we have expected him to all season. While the beautiful Spaniard increased every woman’s sex drive, Michael Thwaite wasn’t happy with the lack of attention. In a brain fart of a moment, Thwait-o forgot that even though they were playing at AAMI Park, he is not actually part of a NRL team and did what every player wants to do, tackled Rhys Williams to the ground. While normally aggressive nature in the box can be seen as a good time, the referee did not agree with TLL’s methods and presented Thwait-o with a red.

But it did not stop there. The good ol’ VAR, while carrying out their usual process, picked up a big no-no during play. 

Off ball, the VAR found Kosta Barbarouses stomp on one of the Baccus brothers’ foot. However, while reviewing and discussing the unacceptable behavior while time stood still, fans and commentary began irritable of the process. While we thought the VAR was just reading out to Shaun Evans some funny tweets before half time, they were actually discussing Kosta’s dirty tricks.

Over the course of 5 minutes we watched Thwait-o with a red, Berisha score a penalty (I know right, nearly saw a pig fly too) and Barbarouses also sent to the stands with a red. We eventually got to half time, although it seemed like a far and distant concept at the time.

Through further investigation we discovered Kosta Barbarouses had an ulterior motive for his silly decision. It turns out Yia Yia has booked him a trip home to New Zealand next week for Greek Easter in which is compulsory for Kosta to attend. Muscat being the strict overlord he is, Barbarouses had to get creative with his time off. At the end of the day, you do not piss off Yia Yia.

The game did actually conclude at some point, the Victory took home the bacon. Unfortunately for the Wanderers this places them outside the 6 and desperate for a home win against Brisbane Roar at ANZ Stadium on Saturday.    

Barbarouses Fulfills Yia Yia’s Request By Obtaining A Suspension For Greek Easter
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