Belgium v Tunisia Match Review

Well that was interesting.

Belgium, the team with star players who haven’t exactly been hot favourites, against Tunisia, who are the small country of Tunisia.

The match started with a shit load of fun. If you’re a neutral that is. We lost some soldiers early on but that just made everybody more determined.

In what is becoming the World Cup of penalties (VAR may or may not have something to do with that) Belgium were controversially awarded the 13thpenalty of the tournament.

The foul was looked at more times and from more angles than football supporters look at a woman when she walks into the pre-match bar. It was concluded the foul was in fact at the least, on the penalty box line. Eden Hazard steps up. Boom goal, course.

10 minutes later it was Manchester United’s Lukaku banging another one in for Belgium, but not too long before Tunisia’s most anglo-named player responded gracefully. Dylan Bronn gave the Tunisian people some hope against this star-studded side with a header on the other side.

However, Bronn would soon discover his shift was coming to an end, escorted off the pitch via stretcher. Falling like bowling pins, team mate Syam Ben Youssef was also feeling the pain and needed to be subbed just under 20 minutes after Bronn.

As half time neared, everyone watching did not want it to be. The match had become more lively than the ‘should Tim Cahill get game time’ debate. Given stretchers were involved, this is a very accurate description.

The second half started exactly how the first did. Within 6 minutes there was another hazard for Tunisia. By the name of Eden.

At 4-1 we all needed to catch our breath for a little bit. Substitution Batshuayi decided to do exactly this. Proving to be more desperate for a goal than Lionel Messi, the bastard just could not find the hot spot.

Thankfully by the 90thminute we all breathed a sigh of relief when the Chelsea forward finally found the back of the net.

Moments before the whistle blew, Belgium’s defence switched off and allowed captain Wahbi Khazri to attempt to somewhat salvage a thrashing with what they needed more of earlier in the match, a goal.

This exceptional win lines Belgium up nicely for their upcoming match against England on Friday morning.

By Rose Valente