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It was rematch time, with the Victory off to Geelong to face Western United following their 1-0 against the Glory last week while Rudan’s WU needed to bounce back from their 2-0 loss to Sydney FC. There was a bit of pride on the line for those in Navy Blue having bottled their two goal lead the first time the teams met in the A-League season.

It was a perfect warm sunny afternoon for football with both teams fielding strong sides you could sense there would be a couple goals scored.

It seemed to go according to plan for my Melbourne Victory when Andrew Nabbout decided it was time to go for a run from the halfway line in the 14th minute and was left with kilometres of space down the wing and BANG past Kurto and into the bottom far corner to give the visitors the lead.


First thoughts? YES! This is finally going to plan and we might be on track to grind out some much needed results again. Second thought? Well last time we bottled a two goal lead so don’t get too excited just yet. Sure enough I was right when who else but Besart Berisha found the equaliser three minutes later in the 17th. Bes capitalised on a beautifully weighted ball in the box from another former Victory player (with a few other clubs thrown in for good measure) Connor Pain.

Well at least we’ll have an interesting afternoon head of us right? IF you’re part of the WU fan base then sure thing, but it wasn’t long until I was ready to cry. This time it was courtesy of an Alessandro Diamanti free kick that was flicked in by Kone in the 24th to give the home side the lead.


It was Poulsen’s turn to try his luck in the 28th curling the free kick toward goal but it hit the side net. I was getting more nervous with every minute and for the love of all things good in this world can we just take a moment to applaud the ridiculous goalkeeping skills of Kurto. He pulled off a great save to deny Ola Toivonen in the 31st and I was starting to think nobody is getting past him today.

As the first half was progressing, while the Victory looked to enjoy possession all of the momentum was with the home side and the tradition of past players scoring against the Vuck continued when Berisha headed the ball into the back of the net in the 43rd off a Risdon cross.



I’ve tried to remain positive this season but it’s getting really difficult, just when you think Victory are finding their feet again they once again not only give up a lead but are trailing. Hoping for a better performance and an early Christmas miracle in the second half could the players find another gear or two?

The start of the second was showing signs of a Rudan “Let’s park the bus now” tactic and it seemed to be working. Finally, Nabbout tried to find something for the Victory in the 60th but his header was saved by Kurto (seriously what is it with this man and saving pretty much every shot against us?). To prove my point, he pulled out a one-handed super save to deny Ola in the 74th and that’s it.

I knew Victory were cooked, in a team that looks to be taking one step forward and two back. A team that to be brutally honest; looks like they don’t want to be here, should consider themselves lucky it was only a 3-1 loss today. We don’t usually have a problem scoring goals, it’s our defending that needs serious work. Is there still time to salvage something from the 2019/20 season?

Usually I would say yes, but these lacklustre performances don’t fill me with much hope at all. Find me some players who care please Marco, do something (anything) Coach. Well played by WU and Rudan you’ve bounced back when it mattered.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be Googling ways to make me forget today happened. 

By Jakie Manevski

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