Brazil v Costa Rica Match Review

Brazil the hot favourites to take out the match against Costa Rica with a clean 2-0 win as expected, unless you watched this match.

To the naked eye, this score line seems expected. Unfortunately in reality, Costa Rica were unlucky to concede.

For the first half the loyal spectators endured 45 minutes of; Marcelo to Silva, Silva to Paulinho, Paulinho to Willian, Willian to Coutinho, Coutinho to Neymar, Neymar to Paulinho, Paulinho to Coutinho, Coutinho to Silva, Silva holds it, HOLDS IT.

Thankfully the half time whistle had to come at some point.

So let’s fast forward a bit.

In what was a match full of Neymar tumbling more than my dryer on laundry day, the interest turned to the ref. Watching the bloke speak to the worlds most expensive player like he’s a 10 year old who doesn’t want to do his math homework makes for fantastic television.

While most were mentally tuning out in what was an underwhelming match with less excitement than Graham Arnold at a party, Neymar convinced us all why in fact the VAR was created.

With more theatrics from the noodle-haired Brazilian, Neymar fell arse over tit in the box. While Costa Rican’s everywhere held their breath, the VAR once again, successfully contributed to this competition. Neymar falling like an 80 year old with a recent hip replacement and VAR wary of the fact there is no way he could possibly be even close to an arthritic collapse, called no pen. Brazilians in the crowd felt more robbed than they do at home.

At a 0-0 deadlock it was time for the fourth official to announce the 6 minutes of stoppage time accumulated throughout Neymar’s theatric rolls. But the Brazilians weren’t done yet. With the attacking power we expected about half an hour ago, Coutinho was able to sneak one in late. Even coach Tite with a tumble himself out of pure ecstasy.

Neymar self-conscious of being showed up by the man with teeth so bright Instagram models would be totes jelly, decided he better tap one in. Through a shooting Douglas Costa run, Neymar was able to get his foot on the end of the ball and in the back of the net for a hell of a finish.

Brazil with most of the possession and more than likely every stat throughout the match, in hindsight played quite a poor game. But it could be worse, at least their goal difference isn’t -6.


By Rose Valente