Brexit Boys suck the life out of Wanderland 2.0


WSW should have dominated Brisbane but the derby celebrations probably took it out of everyone except Lopar. But not to worry, Brisbane couldn’t score in the Valley on a drunken Saturday out. 

Do you think anyone would notice if I just copied my article from last week and posted it again here? I guess the main give away would be that Brisbane actually decided to cut it with the long balls. Hooray! But they were still weak in front of goal and a few players really could have put more pressure forward to get the goal they were so desperately after. 

The statistics were in Brisbane’s favour – more shots, more on target, more posession, and better passing accuracy. The main problem?  The Roar felt so formulated that it barely felt like a meow. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to watch Brisbane successfully make moves forward instead of just belting it over the entire pitch. But with all the possession in the world, goal scoring opportunities went begging. I found myself screaming ‘shoot farken’ more times than I care to admit but the boys just took too long with the foreplay and the three points went home with no one! 

This game was really a battle of the goalkeepers. Though I will forever yell WHERE IS JAMIE YOUNG, Crocombe proved his worth in this game. Better at distributing the ball and more agile on his feet, I appreciate the switch up and development of all goalkeepers. Lopar however proves to be something out of this world and I definitely wished Janjetovic was back between the sticks. Brisbane definitely would have won 3-0 then 🙂 Brisbane  took their shots but even when Lopar wasn’t able to clear the ball, he was there to dive again and ensure nothing went in. 

In the 28th minute, Lopar punched the ball away only to land directly at Inman’s feet. Though the shot wasn’t spectacular, Lopar managed to jump up off the ground and palm away his shot. Then in a hilarious repetition at the other end and not to be outdone, Crocombe punches the ball to Georgevski’s feet and then gets back up to palm the incoming shot over the net. It was a fun sense of dejavu. 

WSW best chances probably came just before the end of the first half. Crocombe took a silly kick straight to a WSW player and Brisbane’s thus far solid defence had to scramble to keep the ball out. Describing this half as a slow burn was polite. It was mostly strategic boredom. When we return from the break, Meier and his man bun kept out an O’Shea corner and Lopar again saved the ball just off the line. Sydney probably having some flashbacks there. 

O’Donovan was probably the biggest disappointment for Brisbane and I will never understand why Fowler is giving Denzel Halls (Fox commentators so good with names) increments of 5 minutes on the pitch. A decent cross from Mauk flew past RoD who just stood there like someone who had their chips stolen from the Maccas. If Brisbane couldn’t score from open play, Bowles decided it was time to take a dive in the penalty box around the 65th minute. Thank eff that ref decided it was just outside of the box and awarded a free kick instead. I did not want to cop that spray from Chrissi if Brisbane got an undeserved penalty. 

The game ended with a couple of shanks here and there – Mauk in the 66th minute and Duke in the 82nd minute. Brisbane ran out of steam and couldn’t even pull of the usual last minute attempts on goal and WSW just didn’t bother. I don’t blame them. Maybe it was the Brisbane jersey no one likes (I don’t mind it) or because Babbel wasn’t wearing his now iconic cap, but this game was a bust and I really should allow people to sign up to a warning system on the games I write articles about. Amber Alert – it is another snooze fest.


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