Brisbane Go Down With A Hard Spanking


Never leave a Roar game early has become a thing of the past. The new words to live by at Brisbane games are ‘leave at half time to save yourself the heartbreak’.

Most of that game has been erased from my memory due to the trauma. After being up 2-0 at half time from a Taggart brace, we somehow threw that all away and conceded 4. I won’t lie, despite being at the game and witnessing the whole thing I actually had to google the final score to check because my brain has already started to repress the bad memories, could not remember if it was 4 or 5. By the last five minutes I had started smiling unnaturally because I think I’ve finally cracked. This season has broken me. It doesn’t help going from that game to watching the Socceroos with another woeful performance not even an hour later.

Let’s look at some positives because if I focus on the negatives this article will get very long.

1. Matt McKay celebrated his 250th A-league match. This wasn’t announced in the stadium at all, so he celebrated in front of the remaining 25 Brisbane fans after the match. He spent this game playing as a more attacking role, something I get personal joy from. He somehow found himself in the strikers position multiple times this game and I loved it. More striker McKay.

2. Taggart with a brace. *(don’t mention the penalty, don’t mention the penalty, don’t mention the penalty)

He also missed a penalty, and someone upstairs decided to put on their comedian hat and announce him as Man of the Match not even a minute later. Gave me a good laugh.

3. Maybe DeVere will be forced into getting game time now after Bowles was sent off for a very dumb foul in the penalty area and his replacement young A-A-ron Reardon (poor lad) did his best to not be responsible for the ensuing three goals after a fantastic debut last week but was sadly unsuccessful. To be fair, I’m 98.7% sure (yes, that specific) that the penalty given against him for handball had actually hit him smack in the face but because his arms were flailing VAR decided to intervene because he looked silly.

4. Dane Ingham gave us some pace up front and brought back the good old days of having a winger that can also defend. Sometimes he was in two minds about which role to take on, but the lad put in some brilliant crosses, one gifting us the opener.

5. Kilkenny was the perfect leader in his team offering negative reinforcement whenever necessary and making sure the referee knew his place, so much so the minute McKay tried to do the same thing he was given a caution.

6. Our wingbacks got their attacking shoes on, Hingert showing off some silky dribbling while O’Toole got himself in a shooting position, panicked and offloaded to someone, anyone, else.

7. The Perth away fans gave us a good atmosphere, unlike our own dying Active support.

8. We had the Socceroos to look forward to just after this game. How exciting, Asian Cup. What could go wrong?

It wasn’t all bad for once, we finally looked like we wanted to win. The players had a bit of fire in them again. Unfortunately, our impressive first half faded away once Bowles was sent and Perth managed to claw themselves out from underneath the pile of trash they’d produced in the first half, coming back from 2-0 down to end the match with a 4-2 win. I will keep telling myself we simply handed them the win because we realised Vuck and SFC would stay at the top if we didn’t. Good banter lads.

On the bright side, I think I actually enjoyed this game more than the Socceroos. Maybe its not really a bright side. Oh well, onto the next one in this saga of ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting through this shit’. Here’s hoping Darren Davies can erase all evidence of Aloisis influence on this team. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to re-listen to his musical voice in the post-match press conference.

*My brain while writing this.

By Kianna Aquilina 

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