Brisbane Roar Men Struggle To Detect A Winning Atmosphere

Late on Sunday afternoon, under the sweltering Queensland sun, the Brisbane Roar ladies brought home the bacon. The ladies lifted the Premiers Plate after their amazing season however the men didn’t bat an eyelid.

The ladies played prior to the A-League match meaning celebrations disrupted the men’s warm up. The men continued to warm up behind the celebrations, much to John Aloisi’s disgust “We’ve got a game to play. We have a ladder to climb and a point to prove to my old employers. I mean, three points to get.” we overhead John mutter to his brother Ross.

Their lack of care towards the ladies’ excellent achievement is just a peep into the current culture of the Brisbane Roar organisation. The men’s team are hardly contributing to the league, providing us with has-beens missing penalty’s, barely any Socceroos bolters to add to the mix, a kit man that can’t sew and Ross hardly gives us any entertainment by bottling his anger. Whereas the ladies contribute to the Matildas, give the fans something to believe in and are just enjoyable to watch.

The Roar fans had given up on the men’s team a long time ago. Somewhere around the time of allowing star players to be replaced with what they currently have. John Aloisi is not only losing faith from Roar fans, but fans everywhere. Boys who used to admire a poster of Aloisi after scoring ‘that goal’ are now men who are uninspired by his current coaching techniques.

After The Den finished celebrating their team’s fantastic achievement (we’re talking about the women not the ignorant men) they got right back on their ‘Screw the FFA’ campaign. The Den displayed a banner expressing their outrage towards many issues we are currently experiencing in Australian football with a ‘stop the rot’ banner. But as per anything in which could look slightly negative towards the game or anything that involves fans not sitting orderly, security were advised to step in. The Den tried convincing security they were just trying to resolve an on-going issue of foul eggs distributed in the area, but they didn’t buy it.

Luckily for The Roar men their next game will be away from home against the other poor performing Australian coach’s team, the Victory. We say luckily as Troisi’s not really sure where he is this days, Berisha’s losing his touch and the only person they can rely on in Kiwi international Kosta Barbarouses.

With Fahid Ben Kalfallah still stirring with anger and Corey Brown wanting to impress as we hear he has a potential move to the Vuck in the process, we believe we may see some of their best work.

Brisbane Roar Men Struggle To Detect A Winning Atmosphere
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