Cahill Eurosnobs the A-League

Tim Cahill has come out in a recent interview in relation to his time in the A-League, referring to Millwall as ‘home’.

Cahill has spent more time in England and overseas chasing his dreams of becoming a professional footballer than he has in Australia so we can understand why he would struggle to call this under-performing league ‘home’.

If you have unsubscribed from Caltex Socceroos, unfollowed the A-League/Socceroos/All leading media outlets on every single social media platform, haven’t watched the news/Fox Sports 500 and haven’t picked up a Newscorp paper, Tim Cahill has recently re-signed for Millwall who are currently playing in Englands second division.

Cahill referred to his time in the league, while being paid out of David Gallop’s asshole, as ‘comfortable’. We too would be comfortable if we were living in a high rise apartment in Melbourne on that type of salary.

Seeking uncomfortablism and time away from hipsters, Tim and the family are relocating to the tough streets of Millwall. There sure won’t be any comfort there with some of the roughest fans in the league. It is believed for his home-coming Millwall fans have painted themselves green and gold and celebrated by starting a mosh pit to the music of ACDC.

Meanwhile, this news disheartens the A-League fans. About 253 extra fans who attended games to see Timmy punch (or not punch) the corner flag are a bit shitty. A mum of three boys from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne told us “I bought them all Melbourne City ‘Cahill’ jerseys for their birthdays. What the hell do I do now? Never mind the Cahill+ outerwear, Foxtel Academy lessons and bulk supply of Weet-Bix still from the 2010 World Cup. Where is this Millwall? How do I watch them? I can’t find the league on Fox Sports?”

Cahill went on to explain he and Melbourne City coach Warren Joyce did not have a good relationship. Justifying rumours that he had only moved to Melbourne to get his hair cut regularly at Culture kings to keep up with millennials.

Claiming, “Any Australian player who is playing A-League would jump at the chance of playing in the Championship.” Sure, we’re not the Championship, hell we’re not even close to the English third division but at least we’re not the Indian Super League.

TLL tried contacting FFA or any A-League representatives regarding their biggest marketing failure kinda slightly bad-mouthing the league but for some reason they are still not responding to our snapchats.

Cahill Eurosnobs the A-League
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