Canberra finally take home a winner


A raging storm delaying kick off should have been sign enough that Canberra United were about to win an away game, as their shackles were washed away by the much-needed rain. 

Poetic? Not really but I repeat, Canberra bloody United actually won an away game. It’s been 741 long days which quite frankly is a little unbelievable but here we are. Dreams can come true.

The game didn’t really take off until Canberra’s first goal in the 29th minute. Sure, Canberra just had the better of the chances early on, but it wasn’t thrilling football. 

Karly Roestbakken however is amazing and her effort from distance looked like it might just go in, only to be denied by the crossbar. Thankfully Ashlie Crofts was waiting near the far post and connected with the rebound for a tap in. 

The Jets looked for a quick equaliser but just three minutes later and Canberra were on the counter. Leena Khamis providing the through ball as Simone Charley raced down the right. As cool as anything she slotted the ball past Coelho to make it 0-2 in the 32nd.

Controversy in the 40th for Newcastle’s pen? Not really. Kaleigh Kurtz stuck her leg out to bring Nikki Flannery down just inside the box, but the ref originally called a free kick outside the area. It seems like she got word from her assistant rather than looking at the big screen (which is being reported on official club channels and called out by the commentator) or just realised when she came closer to the spot and changed her decision straight away correctly calling the pen. I want to have faith in the referees method but she got the right decision in the end.

Tara Andrews stepped up to the spot and made easy work of the pen to pull one back for the home side. The Jets were awarded another pen in 45th after Jenna Kingsley went down in the box. Unlucky for Roestbakken, there didn’t appear to be much, if any contact at all but Andrews tapped away her second pen just before half time. 


The second half felt more free flowing. Both teams with chances up each end but it was the Norwegian striker Elise Thorsnes who made the difference on the counter this time. Roestbakken clearing from inside her own half found Thorsnes, running between the Jet’s centre halves and slotting Canberra’s third home in the 81st minute. 

Scenes of relief and jubilation for Canberra as they end their drought but the Jets will feel like they could have walked away with all three points. 


By Bree Reidy


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