Casey Dumont seeks a career in financial consulting after showcasing her ability to save


I would love to address this match in chronological order or start with a fun hook but there are urgent things that need to be addressed first: RASO PLEASE BE OKAY WE ALL DIED INSIDE WATCHING THAT HAPPEN. 

I have been counting down the days until the start of the dub and it was such a pure feeling walking into Dolphin to watch the first game of the season (the actual first round doesn’t count, shut up). This game was a battle of my favourite centre backs, it was hard to watch but more so annoying when McCormick and Menges played well. The minute I knew Jenna had left us I was devastated, and I will remain devastated by this until the day I die. There was nothing more beautiful than watching Polks and Jenna combine at the back, although there’s something poetic about knowing the only time they will be CB partners now is in the national team (shout out to Jenna for her debut, we’re all rooting for you). I’m not sure what is poetic about it, but if I were to make a haiku about them it would be as follows:

McCormick and Polks

I love my starting back pair

Jenna, why you leave?

The one consolation I had about Jenna leaving us was knowing Menges was coming to the dub, imagine my despair when she also signed for the Vuck. The only thing I want more than my Portland Thorns CB is a striker. It is a mystery to me why we didn’t sign a striker this season especially with how concerning our finishing was tonight. Victory’s striker and captain, Tash Dowie, put on a finishing masterclass tonight, just to further highlight our lack of a number 9. Dowie scoring two tonight, one from the spot and one a contender for goal of the week in the form of a very acrobatic half-volley finish to put it past Macca.

Dowie’s was not the only penalty awarded for the night, however it was the only one converted. Tameka Yallop taking a penalty for Brisbane down the other end only to be saved by Dumont. Matildas taking penalties seems to be a lost cause at this point. Casey Dumont along with Dowie were the two Victory players with a stand-out performance, Dumont denying Brisbane time after time with shots flying in from all angles and a save from the spot to go along with it. Perhaps with a striker we might’ve finished more of those chances. 

Honourable mentions for the night go to Carson Pickett for her wonderful vision dropping a long ball right to Hayley Rasos feet who powered down the wing and produced some fantastic chances with her forceful dribbles into the box, almost finishing one of the goals only for it to be finished by Yallop instead. Melina Ayres put in a solid performance for Melbourne as well, with some excellent runs and crunching tackles. Also, a mention to Indy Riley for continuing her uniquely lucky spell at this stadium bagging a goal here for the second time.

Thank fuck we don’t have VAR otherwise this game would’ve gone on a lot longer tonight if it was micro-managing all the offside and penalty calls, one of which denying Brisbane an equaliser. The very shrill team of U15 girls in the crowd had a fair go at being VAR mind you, don’t think my hearing will ever quite be the same again. PSA to all of you 15-year-olds out there, when cheering for your team please don’t ACTUALLY scream. Yelling normally is perfectly acceptable, blood curdling screams are a no.

And so, the curse of Dolphin Stadium continues for Brisbane losing 3-2 to Melbourne Victory. I was hoping the curse was broken when our A league team won here on Sunday, but alas, it seems it hasn’t been fully lifted yet. 

Raso please don’t be broken. 

UPDATE: Since this article went live, Raso has confirmed she is okay and we can all stop panicking. 

By Kianna Aquilina 

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