Chile brace themselves for Sammy Kerr


WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE! Surrounded by 20,000 other football supporters, I can tell you now, I’ve never felt more at home. Today we broke the record attendance and celebrated equal pay as well as taking home that win against Chile. 

We immediately started off the game strong when the ‘GOAT’ Sam Kerr scored at the 3rd minute off a free kick from Van Egmond, no one could get a touch on it but her. Kerr receives the ball, controls it with her body, keeps the ball down and what does Sammy do whenever she’s got the ball? Score! ‘Suck on that one’ Chile! 


A number of events happened like Ellie Carpenter (who was instrumental today) was pushed over at the edge of the box COME ON REF! Then Chile put one in the back of the net but thank god that was offside. Sorry Michelle. A game of Red Butt was played for a while until Caitlin got the ball and took a shot… and missed (for those that don’t know – it is a game where a persons butt is the target and you have to hit their butt and make it red).

Hayley Raso and Chloe Logarzo played some aggressive football moving forwards while Steph Catley was solid at the back. And then we have Ellie Carpenter who covered more ground than ants on an ice-cream spill.

Funnily enough, out of 20,000+ people, I was sitting next to Amy Harrison’s family. I’m glad I got seated there because we talked the whole time and gosh, the jokes they were making were hilarious. 

The game started to get less friendly as the ref allowed for a foul frenzy. Players from both teams kept pushing the limits until the cards started coming out in the 64th minute. The first yellow was for backchat to the ref to Chile’s Yanara Aredo, rather than the challenge on Caitlin Foord. Hayley Raso in the 71st was the only other yellow given for a bad foul, in which not long after was substituted.

Clare Polkinghorne played an interesting game today, at times we weren’t sure if she was an attacking mid or a full back. She made a long run, passed it to Sam but she was offside. So that’s great… chance wasted! The whole game we kept creating chances but couldn’t seem to finish them. When Polks received the ball at one stage she was right in front of goal and she tried to take a shot, but missed the ball completely. I heard someone scream ‘and that is why she is a centre back’… how true, she’s a much better full back. Like come on, if the ball is right there, KICK IT GIRL!

Picture this: 71st minute, Caitlin finds Sammy once again and makes an exceptional ball to which Sam runs like the whole field because with that girl’s speed, once she’s off the mark, there’s no stopping her. She waits to take her shot right up until the keeper comes out of her box and then takes her shot. BIG RISK TAKER! This stuff makes me nervous as hell, why wait for the keeper, girl just take your shot. But hey, it’s Sammy so it’s gonna go in. Sammy Kerr with a brace which brings her to 40 goals for club and national team in 40 games.

The girls were hungry for more as we saw Chloe Lograzo with a near miss in the 80th and Caitlin Foord attacking goal shortly after. 

In the 89th minute, I was hoping I was in a dream because Chile slipped on behind Lyds. Too bad it’s not and now it’s 2-1 with a couple minutes to go.

I think it’s safe to say we took that big, fat win and held it high above our heads and we are onto the next! 

By Gabby Campbell

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