Cisse Gets A Head Start During Mutual Termination Season


You losers didn’t think this day would come, did you?  

A Western Sydney Wanderers die hard supporter, writing about the sky-blue. How much is TLL paying me to write this? NOT ENOUGH (I’m doing this on my own free will, to be honest).

Let’s just get straight to the point and talk about how Central Coast scored first and how the entire population of Football Australia went into a meltdown when they did. A big giant “AAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHA” to the boys in Skyblue as Connor Pain slices through the defense and makes Redmayne look a little more awkward than usual.

If you would like some more drama, Cisse manages to get 2 yellow cards within minutes of each other, sending the guy off on the 25th minute.

BUT, soon order is restored and the balance of the world is back to normal, because Sydney score on the 49th minute after multiple attempts. Who else other than Capitano Brosque  with a magnificently classy back heel.

A minute later, La Fondre gets a penalty and Sydney Lead, whats new? Nothing, Because count to 10 and El Capitano scores again after having his first shot deflected. That’s two for the leader of the pack.

And why not make it 3, to silence the critics who say he’s getting too old to play, and give your team the 3 points. A clean and crisp chip, right over the keeper.

O’neil tries to bring the Mariners back into the game with a goal of his own, but the attempt to revive the Coast is short lived as we get the final LAST MINUTE blow (or goal in this case) to the gut by Calver on the 90th.

It all ends in tears for the Mariners, yet again. Bottom of the table, no points, a red card and a pissed of Wizard of Woy Woy who stands firm as he says “things need to change.”

We had hope in the Mariners at the beginning of the season (well, I did), Bolt or not.  With their signings and vi$ion to play football that will be good enough to get them back on the top, I was quit confident that they would be where the Nix are currently sitting on the table. But here we are…

What is it that keeps going wrong? What has Sydney got that they don’t? (3 points, a better defense…)

But there’s one thing Sydney don’t have that the Mariner do, and that’s their piss taking fans and their amazing brass bands. SUCK ON THAT, SYDNEY!

But we had a wonderful entertaining match either way, Sydney FC grabbing all that they can take and earning it with the way they played.

By Christina Trajceska

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