City Put Away Four While Brisbane Roar Fail To Score


It was a fixture no one really cares about. Brisbane roar fans just want this crappy season to be over and Melbourne City fans are 95% seagulls.

Actually, that’s a bit rude of me. Seagulls have feelings too.

But alas, the game must go on. Because FFA told us it must. Fortunately for many out there, even Kayo were bored from the opening minutes and decided not to turn on their stream. While Melbournians and now thanks to this thing called the internet, many interweb viewers, had their eyes on the original Melbourne Derby over in the NPL VIC.

I won’t lie, Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar never excites me. Melbourne City are playing like Christina Aguilera’s ‘dirrty’ phase when she had difficulty finding her identity and Brisbane Roar thought Eli Babalj was going to fix their season.

Jamie Maclaren playing against his old team, the team he was at when Australia fell in love with him. If John Aloisi can be proud of anything during his coaching career, it’s the way he embraced Maclaren and used the players around him to all compliment each other. Jamie returned from concussion last week, to my understanding he tried on Archie Thompson’s crown which unfortunately was far too big as it has been custom made to suit Archie’s head.

Thankfully for the small village worth of people who were actually watching this game, the first goal eventually came from a Griffiths header, a controversial one at that. The tip of Rostyn’s nose hair, I believe, is what lead the ball into the back of the net from a set piece. However it did look as though Jacob Pepper was playing Griffiths offside. I’m not going to make an opinion as the angle provided was as acute as a puppy. A couple people who cared called for VAR but then, no one really cared so the ref did his thing and City lead.

Brisbane Roar got themselves back in the game by doing absolutely nothing. Okay, that’s not on. They did some stuff. They did make the forward runs and it is just unfortunate that the lads aren’t more educated as to what to do when they enter the box. The Roar equalised with an exceptional header by Delbridge, who would have been very proud of that goal if it in fact went into the correct net.

Heading into half time I started to feel the energy of the game and was borderline asleep. Thankfully Daniel Garb’s exhilarating pitch side interviews and Zappa’s enthusiastic half time chat kept my eyelids open.

The second half picked up about 5% in tempo as Graham Arnold would say, just enough to keep us on our seats but not enough for us to go batshit.

It wasn’t all gloom for the Roar, Jamie Young was still up to his usual cat-like-reflex heroics  when Jamie Maclaren wasn’t flirting with the offside flag. If Young’s goalkeeping doesn’t do it for you then his post match interview stating he’s just grateful to be able to wake up every day and play football certainly will.

As Darren Davies attempts to trick the system by not actually being a crap coach cos he’s not actually the coach, unfortunately the Roar continued to sink. I mean hell, they even had to substitute a sub tonight (Henrique).

And then De Laet turned up. Only took him 70 minutes, better De Laet than never, am I right?! Richie rockets a banger into the top bins, border lining burning a hole in the net.

McGree was subbed on late in the second half and decided to put a fork in the Roar cos they are done. In the final minutes of stoppage time, Riley McGree showed off a new skill he learnt on FIFA (clearly) cos I did not know that amount of curve existed in real life. Riley bends his shot from out on right of the box to place it into the left of the net to make it 4-1.

Melbourne City are back at home next week to play their non-official mother club in which all their spawn come out of, Adelaide United. Brisbane Roar are also home against the ever flying Wellington Phoenix.

By Rose Valente

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