Craig Goodwin Is The Magic Of The Cup


The day has finally come. It’s a Tuesday afternoon and we’re as pumped as a Kardashian’s rear end.

While I make my way over to the airport, I am faced with the situation of Chrissi’s Macedonian family. Yes I inherited West Sydney Chrissi, the levels she goes to, to f*ck off Sydney FC is astronomical. Mum and dad drop her off to me at the juice bar within the airport. They say their goodbyes and hug about 74 times, not before they tell us to be safe of course. I’m not sure if Macedonians are aware where Adelaide actually is on the map.

Amongst the usual Tiger delays and inability to eat or even concentrate on my novel, I am excited and nervous for all too many reasons. You see, this is our vengeance. Last years FFA Cup Final between Sydney FC and Adelaide United, we felt robbed. We felt things got a little carried away with the extra time madness and slowed down our momentum. With saying that, you would think we didn’t have 90 minutes prior to this to score at least one more goal than the opposition.

After enjoying the new Pimms Marquee with our Adelaide Based TLL girls (amazing drinks might I add) we make our way to our seats just time to hear Jarrod Walsh pump up the crowd. TLL with arguably the best seats in the house – directly behind #angrykurz we take in the amazing set up the FFA Cup consistently puts on. Especially the fireworks which seemed to be imported in by Packer from Melbourne’s Crown Casino, with fire shooting rays of warmth.

A 14,000+ Coopers Stadium brought the noise. The fans did not give two shits about it being a Tuesday night, something very rare in Adelaide.

The match was nothing short of enthusiasm, coming from both the stands and the pitch. Neither team were leaving anything or anyone behind. The entire 90 minutes was about as physical as Olivia Newton-John in the eighties.

The­ Reds, were questioned in the lead up as to where their goals will come from.. Little did those questioning know, they had a secret weapon. By the 25thminute, FFA Cup specialist and said secret weapon, Craig Goodwin smashed in an absolute beauty of a free kick. Si Senor? (trace your minds back to 2016 Grand Final Simon Hill commentary). Nah, f*cking blimey Goody. Goodwin making scoring in the FFA Cup about as easy as Sydney FC’s ability to receive a free kick. Craig has now scored in every single FFA Cup game this season. This has to be some kind of record? Someone should look that up. Not me though, I don’t have those records. Fox Sports won’t let me back in the building for some reason.

With a historic win becoming closer to a reality, the crowd went nothing short of f*cking wild.

However, within 3 minutes of us enjoying the pure ecstasy that is Craig Goodwin, Sydney FC were awarded a penalty. Penalty scored. Back to level playing field.

As the game continued, as did the heat on the pitch. Never mind what was happening in front of us on the coaches bench, Marco Kurz embracing #angrykurz and the thrill of a pitch invader – which took me far too long than I’m proud of to notice. But the pitch, oh yes there was heat. And not only because Ilso was subbed on.

How can I describe this match at this point? Maybe imagine a cock fight. Two angry groups of males determined to come out as the better of the two.

This game, this is football. Amongst all the controversy and absolute shit the A-League has been experiencing, this was some sensational shit.

Thankfully, distracted by the brilliance on the pitch, we hadn’t even had a chance to get nervous (or was I just too distracted by #angrykurz ?). And before you know it, Craig-f*cking-Goodwin has banged in another beauty in the 74thminute. Like, what the hell is in his water and where can we get some?

By the 80thminute, yeah I was f*cking nervous. I had no nails left to bite, that was well taken care of in the lead up. I just sat there, hoping, praying, we would be the ones lifting that cup in a historic win as the first team to win the cup twice in it’s short history of existence. The FFA Cup means so much to Adelaide United. Not only did we win the inaugural, we have an excellent track record in every season (except the one that didn’t happen, you know, the Redlands one? Yeah, didn’t happen). South Australia only receives two FFA Cup spots and it’s just damn f*cking good that our South Australian born Goody is the headline act this season.

The 5 minutes of stoppage time resembled similarities to time on a treadmill or when you’re at work or actually the amount of time it takes for an A-League referee to make a decision. How is not over yet? God it’s a cracking game but 1 goal is too slim of a margin.

The whistle blows. We are the champions. For the second time, I am watching my team lift a cup in Coopers Stadium, arguably Australia’s best stadium and I’m so God damn happy.

I for one am so thrilled with our German overlord, Marco Kurz. His first year with the club we finish 5th, his second year we start with a cup trophy and the second full A-League season? Well, we’ll see I guess..

At the end of the day, I got to hold the cup (it is damn heavy), wear Ilso’s medal and take home a signed Champions T-Shirt and all it cost me is two days off work and return Tiger flights. This game. This is why we do it. We love this game. We will do anything for this game. And my team, I love them. Thank you so much Adelaide United and congratulations.

By Rose Valente

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