Dani Lopar has Tobin points removed after conceding to Appiah


I knew it… I bloody knew it was going to last only so long. And with the way we had played last week, it was BOUUNNDD to be our first loss of the season.

We had been taking the piss (I had been taking the piss) out of Western United all pre season, as well as before their win against Victory, last round. For their signings and status, you would have expected them to be unbeatable, but they started off slow, yet have made up for it.

As for WSW, it’s been a rollercoaster of highs, and now, it may just be an incoming of lows. I mean, the first 4 minutes of the game were smick… the rest of the 91 minutes can head straight to hell. El Capitano, Sir Mitchell Duke of Parramatta came in hard and fast with a goal in the 4th minute, after a nice build up and pass from Georgievski. In went the ball and up went the West Sydney style gang signs, in celebration.

Nice and early, as well as classy.  Until it all started to fall apart…

From injury and dives, to free kicks and fouls, the Wanderers began to crumble. Unable to keep the ball for more than 3 seconds, at times. And Patrick Zeigler being thrown to the ground a few times, which most certainly struck fear in all our hearts, that the poor bloke would end up on the injury list, again.

Something must be in the water, in Western Sydney… or literally in the ice baths that the players take after training, because it looks to be rarely f*ckin’ working.  To follow through with the small and slow demolition of West Sydney, Durante scores… out of all people, we conceed to Durante.

The biggest talking point to come out of the game was purely for its meme purposes. In the 48th minute Scott McDonald receives a cross from Diamanti which is headed in on goal and saved by Lopar, or is it? The VAR has a look at it as Lopar was forced further back than he would normally be positioned. The ball looked questionably over the line. The VAR took an awful long amount of time to decide whether the decision of no goal would be upheld. It was so long that Robbie Slater actually had enough time to get in an Uber, in a plane from Sydney and re-enact it for us. The decision was upheld as the VAR did not find the ball went completely over the line within Lopar’s hands.

However as normal as the sequence of decisions from the referee and VAR was, the irregularity which made it a #justaleaguethings moment was the line added in on the coverage to confirm whether or not it crossed the goal line. Now we were watching this without commentary, but the below image is all we could see on the screen and it was more than enough to  whip out the Microsoft Paint, Excel, Robbie Slater etc memes. I love this league.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… second half, 58th minute, a second goal comes from former WSW Player, WHO HAD NEVER SCORED FOR US…Appiah. What a way to stick it to us…

A few light saves, and a blardy magnificent one from Lopar, during a free kick, got the tavelling fans in Melbourne, as well as the ones scattered around Parramatta after the Tilda’s game, on their feet, smiling with glee. But luck was fading as the final minutes of injury time, in the WeStErN dErBy, ticked away, a missed oppurtunity to level the scoreboard, and our position on the table dropping to 3rd, it was enough to say (in my best Babbel accent);

“Ya, this was not tops. We were not good at all”

So next week, we better be blardy ToPs again, because I don’t want to live in a world where Melbourne City is first on the ladder.


Cya all next round.

By Christina Tracjeska

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