Dear Diary, Please make it stop, Sincerely, Wanderers fan


Here’s a quick short, sweet gist of what went on during this god forsaken round, in the A-League.

On the other side of the great sunburnt (half on fire) country we call home, the Western Sydney Wanderers, who are in hot water after 5 straight losses, went to pay their old Manager, a visit. 

To Perth they went, and in Perth they lost, not only the game…but our goalkeeper and by the time this article is out, our current manager, too (probably). 

Yes, lads and lasses, Babbel is on the chopping block, most likely in line to getting the sack, and maybe an appearance as analyst on Fox or Optus Sports, for a little bit, afterwards. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe they’ll be civil and let him enjoy his Christmas in Aus before they tell him to piss off back to Europe. Who knows with this board, IT’S FULL OF SURPRISES. 

But back to the game. We sucked

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. 

No, no, I’ll speak about it a tad bit more… we sucked, and then some. 

Bland, broken, hesitant, blind panic style football. God, this feeling that I felt while sitting in Sydney Olympic Park, has returned.  Our boys are sadly struggling to string the ball and/or keep the ball on target. For shots on goal, for crosses, for through balls. Our key players which play like Kings, every other day of the week, are beginning to struggle, the bad luck rubbing off on their style and skill. Players like Duke, Georgievski, Muller and Meier, unable to shine on the field, like they did in the first 3 rounds. 

And the most painful loss of all… poor Danny Lopar, our Guardian between the sticks, fell ill while in Perth and was unable to play, not even placed on the bench. Fox and SokkahTwitter let us in on the reports that he was sent back to his Hotel room, to recover and rest. So young and promising youth keeper, Suman, was put up to the test, and I can honestly say, the kid played his part very well. 

But it obviously was too much, and the pressure of Perth cracked the last of our armour in defence, and Withrich scores from a finnnnee link up between the 4 Glory players in the box, making our defenders look like training cones, while Suman makes a leap for his life, to keep the boys in the game, missing. 

The second came from Alex Grant on the 66th minute, and even though there was so much time left to turn it around, it felt like a nail in the coffin, to ALL who support the Red and Black.

Perth take the win, the points and our form, and we take the L back to Western Sydney. 

Wonder if they’ll leave Babbel behind at the stadium, this time. Guess we’ll see by the end of today, what the reports are and if we’re gonna have to go Christmas shopping for a new Coach. 

By Christina Trajceska 


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