Derberian Tragedy: Second Act


As a general rule in life, I like to avoid anything that involves high intensity and/or drama. That includes TV shows (I have never seen Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones), relationships, video games, crossword puzzles, you name it. So why I continue to attend derbies is beyond me.

I also hate people who run late and delays.

Let’s start there.

Sydney weather’s mood swings had us fooled. All was clear and the sun was out when we parked and in the 4 minutes it took us to walk to the stadium, everything went dark, lightening, chaos. Omen or what?

The game was delayed. After about 40 mins of everyone updating their twitter and Instagram with wet stadium photos, we kicked off.

And boy did the Wanderers kick off. Creative play, possession and control – who even were these guys? Got a goal early, which was disallowed. Naturally. There’s a quota of disallowed WSW derby goals that needs to be filled. But it was offside.

Finally, Alexander Baumjohan’s free kick in the 23rd minute, Oriol Riera’s touch and we have a goal!

None of us actually celebrate immediately, we like to wait for the all clear, make sure there’s no VAR, make sure there’s not flag up, make sure the score is updated on the screen, make sure the ref has acknowledged goal, THEN we go insane.


Wanderers 1 Sydney FC 0.

That’s it. It ends there*. The end. Thank you for reading.

*We had a total of 3 minutes of thinking ‘We could actually win this thing’. I will treasure those moments.

In what could be the dumbest derby decision of all time, Vedran Janjetovic comes out of his box in attempt to…who knows to be honest? Le Fondre takes a shot at the empty goal and Janjetovic’s fingertips outside the box (mind out the gutter) result in a straight red.

26th minute red card, Babbel had to make a quick decision to play defensively while 1-0 up and with 10 men. He sacrifices our best playmaker on the pitch in Baumjohan to sub on Danijel Nizic in goals.

The footage of an understandably distraught Baumjohan in the change-rooms is already in sokkahtwitter’s meme bank as a ‘mood’.

The rest of the game went a little like this:

Concede a corner, concede a goal.

Short corner and Brosque level’s the game just before the half time whistle, after a getting onto a rebound from a Josh Brilliante shot.

The second half was no different.

57th minute, O’Neil takes the corner, seven Wanderers players couldn’t get to the ball as quick as de Jong apparently. Goal.

81st minute, corner conceded. O’neil whips it in perfectly for debutant Jacob Tratt to header it in and effectively end the game.

That concludes the second act of this Shakespearean tragedy. I’ll see you again in April 2019 for the dramatic conclusion.

By Tatiyana Shaba

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