Diego Castro Still Refuses To Participate In Post-Match Interviews

If you’re not too busy tweeting or checking the forums at the end of each Perth Glory game, you’ll notice Diego Castro will never do an interview. The Spaniard does speak broken English, we have heard him speak and seen him joke and chat to many English speaking players, so what gives Diego?

As always, on Saturday night his NAB Man Of The Match award was accepted by an English speaking teammate.

We’ve narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

  • Camera shy
  • Has Rushtonphobia – a fear of being interviewed by Tara Rushton
  • Embarrassed by his broken English
  • He’s an introvert
  • Doesn’t give a flying f***

We looked a little further into Rushtonphobia as not many people have it – if anything there are men praying, dreaming Tara pulls them aside. Rushtonphobia is a phobia of a one on one interview with Tara Rushton. Side effects can also lead to the inability to speak with Michael Zappone, nervousness around Ned Zelic and feeling ill in the presence of Adam Peacock.

However not giving a flying f*** does is quite common even though it does raise a few eyebrows. The A-League is sometimes treated as a retirement league or as some Socceroos legends like to refer to it as ‘comfortable’. We can understand why one wouldn’t give a flying f***. It’s not like the fans spend their weekends in a hot, sweaty grandstand, spending their hard earned money just to watch you play.

While it’s all shits and giggles for now, the real worry is the new trend beginning at Grassroots level. We are noticing less and less children not talking to their parents after their match in which parents are responding, ‘Ah, they’re just doing a Castro’.

Diego Castro Still Refuses To Participate In Post-Match Interviews
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