Dowie Dominates The Big Blue


On a gloriously sunny afternoon in Sydney, it was time for the W-League’s Big Blue. Could Victory finally notch up a third win in the club’s history against the Sky Blues or would the home side continue their domination?

Three minutes in and Lisa De Vanna made a stunning run down the left, so close but wasn’t to be. When just two minutes later Victory’s El Capitan and favourite Tats Dowie hit a stunning strike on the corner of the area with Sydney’s keeper Bledsloe had no chance.

1-0 for the ladies in navy blue!

Sydney were pushing possession and tried to dominate the midfield, killing it especially with De Vanna down the left flank. But luckily it seemed Victory’s Teigen Allen was always in the way. The home side were given a corner in the 11th with Alanna Kennedy hitting a solid header but it wasn’t to be when just two minutes later Melina Ayres following up a pass for the visitors but it hit way too high.

Sydney’s defence looked shaky to say at the very least giving the Melburnians quite a bit of space. The 17th saw a free kick taken by Colaprico but Casey Dumont to the rescue for the visitors and not even a minute later a Dumont touch and scramble to avoid giving away a corner but it’s Sydney’s ball. A De Vanna pass to Princess Ibini who goes down but no foul.

Tats Dowie with another strike in the 21st but Bledsloe manages to clear it away when in a blink of an eye Chloe Logarzo with a strike for the home side but Dumont manages to get a hand to it hitting the upright in the process. Luckily, it was only an injury scare and Victory manage to clear the area.

The 26th saw a great cross to Dowie who followed with a header and Nairn tried to follow through but the ref blows for a handball. It was much of the same for the next period with Sydney dominating possession but struggled to find the back of the net.

The goal came for the home side when in the 39th, when who else than the machine Lisa De Vanna crosses it following a cut back on the far post by Colaprico and Chloe Logarzo finds the back of the net!


Two minutes later another goal for Sydney FC with a genius like hit from Huerta but it was ruled offside and the Victory could breathe a sigh of relief.

The 44th saw a penalty given to Victory when Allen went to ground following a push in the back by Ibini, arguably Allen went to ground little too easily but Ibini should have known the risk she went for the little push.

Tats Dowie to take the penalty and while Bledsloe got a touch the sheer force behind Natasha Dowie’s kick saw it hit the back of the net.

2-1 for Victory!

The second half saw Sydney again enjoy a lot of possession and continuing efforts forward. In the 48th Colaprico took a free for the home side but it went flying over the bar.

Two minutes later and golden girl Tats Dowie got on the end of a great ball from Emily Gielnik to score a hat trick

3 – 1!

Despite the scoreboard, Sydney were still dominating but Victory’s tactic of defending behind the ball and not giving them too much space seemed to be working. Chloe Logarzo got a decent shot but out wide and did not trouble Casey Dumont in the 59th.

Much of the same from both sides when Lisa De Vanna hit the ball on the edge of the box but again no trouble for Victory’s keeper. But it didn’t take long for some Derby drama when Angie Beard received a second yellow for Victory in the 81st minute for clipping Sydney’s McCaskill. Alanna Kennedy took the spot kick and hits a stunner in the top corner

3-2 game on!

The Victory defence was still hanging in there, with the fourth official signalling four minutes of stoppage time.

A couple of late scares in the 91st and 92nd minutes with De Vanna and McCaskill attacking but Victory managed to keep them out.

94th minute saw the referee signal the end of the match and Victory managed their 3rd ever win against the Sky Blues, with a player down. If based on possession and attacking intent, then arguably Sydney FC deserved at least a

draw but the defence of Victory and the finishing prowess of Tats Dowie secured the win for the visitors.

Featured Image from By the White Line Instagram page. 

By Jakie Manevski

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